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24 Feb 2020
Here is why you should pick up a copy of The Guardian on Tuesday. Find these stories and much more when you grab a copy of The Guardian on the newsstands on Tuesday⁣. ⁣
22 Dec 2018
Badeh's Assassination: Ekweremadu wants installation of CCTV in Abuja, other major cities.
9 Nov 2018
Assassination Attempt on Ekweremadu: Right to life of Nigerians under threat, says Senator
9 Nov 2018
Assassination Attempt on Ekweremadu: Senate accuses police of the cover-up.
8 Aug 2018
Saraki, Ekweremadu, others celebrate failed impeachment plot, DSS DG sack.
2 Aug 2018
Thousands of Igbos troop to Enugu streets to receive Ekweremadu.
13 Mar 2018
Ekweremadu - Who says the Army cannot take over.
12 Mar 2018
Ekweremadu denies call for a military takeover.
17 Jan 2018
Killings in Nigeria has taken dimension of football competition ― DSP Ekweremadu
16 Jan 2018
PDP Crisis: Ekweremadu, Fayose, Wike hijaked the party - Factional Youth Leader


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Ursula von der Leyen said Ukraine was making progress toward its goal of EU membership and needed to foster business confidence by appointing top anti-corruption officials.
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VPN software encrypts all the data on your computer. No hacker or government will be able to decipher this encrypted traffic. Your personal information and internet traffic are safe with the use of a VPN.
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Maastricht University has doubled its money thanks to a ransomware attack three years ago. The university plans to help struggling students with its new funds.
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Airlines hoping to cash in on renewed demand are facing labor agitation after firing swathes of workers during the pandemic.
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We report on a growing and dangerous divide between feminism and transgender rights. Annette Young talks to Dr Finn Mackay, the British sociologist and campaigner who believes that it is possible to back both women's and trans rights. Also #MeToo in the world of athletics where we meet one former French athlete who's shining a spotlight on cases of sexual abuse and violence.
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The two pathogens that cause monkeypox and COVID-19 have a few things in common, but there are also many differences – especially when it comes to ease of transmission.