Sunday, 2nd October 2022


4 Dec 2017
Edo govt to ensure welfare of voluntary returnees.
14 Nov 2017
Edo State is already at the beginning of the many processes to attract investment says Yewande Sadiku, Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission.
16 Oct 2017
Edo abduction Ogba Zoo CEO regains freedom after two weeks.
10 Oct 2017
Police reassure Edo residents of protection.
7 Oct 2017
Police vow to rescue victim of Edo zoo kidnap.
1 Oct 2017
Plight of IDPs - U.S ambassador visits displaced persons in Edo.
25 Sep 2017
Upper Sakponba residents cry out to Edo government as erosion takes over homes.
16 Sep 2017
Passengers stranded in Edo as government begins vehicle verification exercise.
7 Sep 2017
Edo traders protest alleged tax increase by local government.
25 Aug 2017
Edo impeached deputy speaker asked to return official vehicles.
19 Aug 2017
Denmark to partner Edo to tackle root causes of illegal migration.
6 Aug 2017
Edo government bans use of public schools for social activities.


6 mins ago
Jaafar Abdul Karim travels through one of the smallest countries in Europe: Malta. The Romans, the Arabs, the British and the French have all left their mark here. A sunny country with a multicultural heritage.
7 mins ago
Netflix is launching its own video games studio in Helsinki.
1 hour ago
One of the men accused of funding and supporting the genocide in Rwanda goes on trial in The Hague. Prosecutors say Félicien Kabuga played a crucial role in the mass killings, in which 800,000 people were killed over just three months in 1994.
1 hour ago
Conflict in Burkina Faso has displaced more than 2 million people, with many of them now fleeing south into Ghana as jihadi attacks continue. DW's Maxwell Suuk visited a camp hosting refugees from Burkina Faso close to the border.
1 hour ago
Pakistan was recently hit by the worst floods in its history. Hundreds of thousands of people are now living in dire conditions in the flooded areas, with little to no access to clean drinking water or sanitary facilities. This includes many pregnant women.
1 hour ago
We look at reactions from the European and world papers after Italy elected its first far-right leader. We also look at British reactions to the plummeting of the pound.