Monday, 8th August 2022


24 Feb 2019
Car sales in China have been plummeting and the persisting slump leaves automakers with few places to go for sales growth. India's economic and demographic trends make it a promising market. But success is tough.
12 Jan 2019
A decade on, Spain still haunted by economic crisis
22 Dec 2018
Former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia James Smith discusses the progress and outlook for the Saudi government’s economic transformation plan Vision2030 with Bloomberg's David Westin on "Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power."
30 Nov 2018
The chancellor is set to open a key conference aimed at deepening economic ties between Berlin and Kyiv. Ukraine has suggested that business and security go hand-in-hand, especially when regional tensions are high.
28 Nov 2018
The introduction of flights by various budget airlines in the great lakes region has greatly improved travel, boosting trade and tourism, two of the area's key economic pillars.
19 Nov 2018
Fears are rising of an economic cold war possibly dividing Asia. This comes after the APEC Summit in Papua New Guinea ended on Sunday in disarray.
7 Nov 2018
Minimum Wage: Senate hails Buhari for averting economic disaster.
26 Oct 2018
Johns Hopkins University Director African Studies, Peter Lewis says Nigeria’s economic growth between 2002 and 2015 witnessed a dramatic performance thereby reducing the country's external debt profile by 85 per cent.
1 Oct 2018
More than two million Venezuelans have left their country since 2014, fleeing political and economic turmoil. Other countries in the region say they are overwhelmed by the mass exodus. DW's Ofelia Harms caught up with some Venezuelans in Colombia.
20 Aug 2018
European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici discusses the state of the Italian economy and the prospect of a bailout as he says Italy is "at the heart of the Eurozone."
6 Jul 2018
This year's edition of Nigeria's Oil and Gas Conference is themed, driving Nigeria's oil sector towards sustained economic development and growth. Victor Ude, Group CEO of Vurin Group and a speaker at the local content development seminar at the conference joins CNBC Africa to discuss what changes he hopes this year's edition will bring.
15 May 2018
CNBC Africa brings you this special of the 51st session of the Economic Commission for Africa, and Conference of Ministers and focusses on employment and social protection; data collection, and reducing dependence on export commodities.


1 day ago
The move will allow more federal funding and measures to be used to fight the disease in the US. The announcement follows a similar declaration by the World Health Organization.
1 day ago
Germany's queer community is demanding that the Catholic Church accept their sexual identities. More than 100 members, including pastors, friars, and nuns have come out recently.
1 day ago
Aung Kyaw Moe, human rights adviser to Myanmar's National Unity Government, speaks with DW about the execution of four pro-democracy activists in Myanmar, as well as Rohingya rights and democratization.
1 day ago
The head of the Greek intelligence service has stepped down during a scandal after a reported attempt to spy on an opposition politician. The resignation came amid swirling accusations about the use of Predator software.
1 day ago
The richest man in the world has claimed in court that Twitter lied to him about key parts of the business. The Tesla CEO is facing a lawsuit to force him to go through with his purchase of the social media company.
1 day ago
China's military drills in the waters around Taiwan are prompting regional powers such as Japan to rethink defense strategies. Could East Asia be on the brink of an arms race?