Tuesday, 20th February 2024
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DR Congo

3 Feb
The family of an assassinated Congolese opposition politician can finally lay him to rest. Cherubin Okende's body has been released back to his loved ones, but they say authorities aren't doing enough to investigate his killing six months ago.
12 Jan
President Felix Tshisekedi will officially begin his second term as president of the Democratic Republic of Congo on January 20. Also, Tunisian radio presenter Zied El Heni is handed a suspended sentence for allegedly insulting a minister. Tunisian journalists had rallied outside the courthouse in Tunis to support him.
29 Dec
The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Thursday refused opposition calls for a re-run of disputed elections, as the main observer mission reported "numerous irregularities" that could undermine some results.
27 Dec
Several people were killed and many more are missing in eastern Congo after a landslide hit a cabin where a group of miners was sheltering, sweeping it into a river.
22 Dec
The stakes are as high as the wait is long in CongoVoting rolled over for an unscheduled second day in a sprawling, often unruly Central African nation that’s picking a president, national, regional and municipal lawmakers. The logistics are challenging, the politics are rough in a resources-rich nation that’s dogged by poverty, corruption and decades of insurgencies in the east.
12 Dec
The violent conflict in eastern Congo is dominating candidates' campaigns ahead of the December 20 elections.
7 Nov
DR Congo's educated young people have been battling high unemployment levels and a congested labor market prompting calls for government intervention.
29 Oct
Announced on national television, the military reshuffle in DR Congo sees the return of a former top aide, who was convicted of involvement in the 2001 assassination of then-president Laurent-Désiré Kabila. Eddy Kapend has always denied involvement in the murder plot. Also in this edition: the Also Known As Africa contemporary art fair event is currently underway in Paris. Finally, we look at what Saturday's rugby match against England could have in store for South Africa.
16 Oct
DR Congo is set to slowly ease military rule in the east of the country. The announcement comes ahead of elections in December. This as UN peacekeepers in the region are embroiled in scandal after allegations of sexual exploitation. Also in this edition: survivors of a lethal landslide in Cameroon are left homeless. And finally: Secretary of State Antony Blinken is due to visit Egypt as the Gaza-Hamas war continues to rage.
11 Oct
The city of Goma in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo is nearly surrounded by M23 rebels fighting government forces. Residents fear for their safety despite the presence of UN peacekeepers, and they're fed up with waiting for aid from their government.
3 Oct
The Democratic Republic of Congo wants to process its own raw materials rather than simply exporting them. To succeed, the country needs roads, electricity and skilled workers.
12 May 2023
Floods hit villages of the eastern Kalehe territory earlier this week, causing rivers to overflow. Villages were submerged, with landslides causing destruction.


4 hours ago
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6 hours ago
The family of Alexei Navalny has reportedly been informed that his body will be withheld for two weeks. Hundreds have been arrested across Russia for honoring the country's most prominent opposition politician.
6 hours ago
The wife of Alexei Navalny fears that Russian authorities will not release her husband’s body to cover up his killing. According to toxicologist Marc-Michael Blum, however, it takes weeks if not months until traces of nerve agents are no longer detectable.
6 hours ago
Republicans in the US Congress are blocking a multi-billion-dollar military aid package that Ukraine urgently needs in its fight against Russia. Can Kyiv expect a release soon? At the Munich Security Conference, DW spoke with the former Commander of the US Army Europe, Ben Hodges.
6 hours ago
A court in the Russian capital ruled Tuesday to keep Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich in custody pending his trial on espionage charges that he denies.
8 hours ago
This weekend again saw thousands of Germans hit the streets to show opposition to far-right ideology as President Steinmeier praised civic engagement. Meanwhile, support for the AfD dipped slightly in the latest polls.