Monday, 26th February 2024


22 Nov
The sixth NG Award ceremony was held at the Muson Centre in Lagos and as always several businesses, individuals, charities, and public and private sector organizations who over the last year helped to make the internet a more secure, open accessible, and rewarding experience for all were honored in different award categories.
17 Nov
For the past 11 years, industry professionals from across sectors have gathered at the Innovation lecture series to discuss how to innovate and collaborate for a better future. This year's discussion centered on the relationship between the creative industries in Africa and the advancement in artificial intelligence with a huge spotlight on Nollywood.


13 mins ago
Discover the hidden masterpieces of female artists spanning centuries, from Hildegard of Bingen's mystical illustrations to Sonia Delaunay's vibrant abstracts.
13 mins ago
Cooling inflation, sound economic growth and low unemployment over the past year should ordinarily be helping US President Joe Biden in what is shaping up to be a rematch with former President Donald Trump. But so far, this hasn't been reflected in the polls.
4 hours ago
Following the fire outbreak at Agbado Road, Toyin Bus Stop, Iju Ishaga on Tuesday night, GuardianTV decided to visit the scene to get more information. Here's what people had to say.
5 hours ago
The Al Ula event saw individual men and women, as well as teams of up to four, spend 8 hours running, jumping, climbing, crawling, and swinging over a trail in the middle of the desert. British athlete Jon Albon took the men's individual honors with Australian Ryan Atkins finishing second and American Mark Batres third.
5 hours ago
As shoppers await price cuts, retailers like Home Depot say their prices have stabilized and some national consumer brands have paused price increases or announced more modest ones. Yet some industry watchers predict deflation for food at home later this year.
1 day ago
German bishops are concerned about right-wing extremism and have explicitly positioned themselves against the populist Alternative for Germany. An unusual move, as they are usually loath to comment on political parties.