Sunday, 25th February 2024


15 Nov
Ballot counting was underway in Liberia on Tuesday in a run-off election between President George Weah and former vice president Joseph Boakai, in what is expected to be a closely fought vote.
7 Oct
Egypt's upcoming presidential elections bear no expectations for a new president. Nonetheless, campaigns have kicked off, as well as a crackdown on the political opposition.
2 Sep
Hip hop artists in Uganda are using rap music and poetry to reach out to the youth. They meet at the Baboon Forest Entertainment, a multimedia production house, where each gets a chance to tell their story. The songs address the issue of drug abuse and raise awareness of HIV/AIDS.
16 Aug 2023
William Lai is in Paraguay to attend the presidential inauguration. Beijing, which claims the island of Taiwan as its own, has slammed his foreign trip.
12 Aug 2023
Ivie Urieto, an eight-year-old chess prodigy from Nigeria, is using the ancient board game as a tool for change and empowerment.
22 Jul 2023
Amsterdam has banned smoking cannabis in public and is imposing fines to get rid of party tourists. Can the city change its party tourism reputation?
14 Jun 2023
A Kenyan film series done by youngsters can change an entire life.
7 Jun 2023
Chief Executive Officer, Transcorp PLC, Nigeria, Dr. Owen Omogiafo, at a panel discussion on Women Working For Change | From 300 to 3,000: What if tomorrow's African champions were women?. The Africa CEO forum is currently going on in Abijdan, Coted'lvoire. 


1 hour ago
While emphasizing that the fencers would still need to make the US team on merit, sports bodies in the country have given Lokhanov and the Bidas their backing.
1 hour ago
A special report here in France on the con artists who prey on the women suffering from endometriosis; a painful disease that affects millions and can sometimes lead to fertility problems.
3 hours ago
Poland's government says it will deliver all of the weapons it had previously promised to Ukraine. That's after PM Morawiecki caused confusion when he said in an interview that his country had stopped sending arms. A dispute over the sale of Ukrainian grain in Europe has led to diplomatic tensions with Poland — previously one of Ukraine's strongest supporters in the war against Russia.
3 hours ago
The European Union has agreed on new rules to have cleaner air and zero pollution by 2050. The bloc wants to introduce stricter limits for particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and other harmful pollutants.
3 hours ago
Promises from the West to deliver ammunition to Ukraine quickly are not being kept. But there are glimmers of hope. The industry is reorienting itself and the government is helping out.
8 hours ago
The 77 Percent takes a closer look at the African politicians who change the rules to cling to power. As Gambia prepares for elections, tensions are rising among young people on both sides of the political divide.