Sunday, 3rd March 2024


17 Dec
Ukraine's top general Valery Zaluzhny recently identified five areas that the country’s armed forces need to work on, in order to regain an edge over the Russians. Two of them involve drones: the drones themselves and the techniques for jamming them. Big and small, in the air, on land and in the sea, unmanned vehicles are absolutely central to this war. And the technology is evolving rapidly.


41 mins ago
Nigeria Police parade female lawyer accused of assaulting her house help with hot iron and knife.
58 mins ago
The spectre of a second Donald Trump presidency is stalking America. Depending on whom you believe, the world’s biggest superpower is either sleepwalking into dictatorship, or everyone just needs to chill out.
58 mins ago
More than two decades after prostitution was legalised in Germany, the issue is once again sparking debate. The conservative opposition in parliament is campaigning to reform the 2002 law that made sex work legal.
1 hour ago
New statistics show a record low number of children were born last year in South Korea, with women citing a desire for a career and to push back against a male-dominated society as key reasons.
1 hour ago
The Amazon rainforest is reeling from severe drought and the rivers are running dry. Drinking water is in increasingly short supply and transport is disrupted.
4 hours ago
The Suwalki gap is a narrow strip of land stretching between Poland and Lithuania. If Russia and Belarus were to successfully invade and close it, the Baltic NATO-trio of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia would be cut off from its allies to the south.