Thursday, 29th February 2024


14 Oct
We look at the battle of images in the Israeli and international press, as Israel says it has decided to release photos showing babies killed in the attack by Hamas last weekend.
10 Aug 2023
Actor Sandra Bullock's partner Bryan Randall has died following battle with ALS
11 Apr 2023
In the Indian district of Kishanganj, families have on average five children – the highest fertility rate of any district in India, soon to be the world's most populous nation.


37 mins ago
Dutch gang leader Ridouan Taghi, once part of a cocaine "super cartel," has been handed life in prison for a string of murders. The violence may be over for now, but organized crime still looms large in the Netherlands.
37 mins ago
A Ukrainian man who was one of the first to experience Russia's full-scale invasion of his country has told FRANCE 24 of his harrowing experience, and asked us never to forget about what is happening in Ukraine.
1 hour ago
Don't bet the family farm on it. Politicians in Paris, Warsaw, Brussels and New Delhi won't magically find the quick fix for an agriculture sector that's gone global at the expense of small producers. Why is it erupting all over, including here in France?
1 hour ago
Although Nigeria pumps crude oil, its refineries are so dysfunctional they have been closed down, so it imports almost all its refined fuel. Rising domestic consumption thus weighs on the current account.
3 hours ago
EU lawmakers have voted to pass the bloc's flagship law to restore degraded ecosystems. It came after weeks of farmers' protests against enviornment policies across the EU.
3 hours ago
The former and the sitting presidents seem set to repeat the 2020 presidential race. A sizable Arab-American community in Michigan withdrew support from Biden, over his policies on the war in Gaza.