Sunday, 25th February 2024


16 Feb
Authorities in Senegal suspended mobile internet services and banned a protest march against the delay of the presidential election. International observers including France and the UN have expressed concern.
15 Feb
Internet access is cut off in Senegal ahead of a banned protest rally against the postponement of the country's presidential elections.
31 Dec
Authorities in Berlin have said the planned pro-Palestinian rally would carry a risk of "crimes," including displays of antisemitism and glorification of violence.
22 Dec
The United States has imposed sanctions on two Taliban ministers, Sheikh Mohammad Khalid Hanafi and Sheikh Fariduddin Mahmood, over their stance on girls' education. But will they make any difference?
3 Dec
Meredith Whittaker, president of the Signal Foundation, says a leaked French government memo risked undermining public trust in cybersecurity protocols, after it was revealed that Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne had ordered cabinet members and their staff to delete popular messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp.
14 Nov
Nepali lawmakers said internet providers had already begun blocking access to TikTok. It follows a similar move by India in 2020 to ban the Chinese social media app.
30 Oct
The former head of the Spanish football association resigned following an unsolicited kiss to footballer Jenni Hermoso after the Women's World Cup final.
23 Oct
The Kazakh government has banned hijab headscarves for students and teachers at schools. Officials stress the need to preserve secularism, meanwhile some girls are dropping out of school in protest.
22 Oct
Russian lawmakers have voted to revoke a 1996 treaty that banned nuclear tests. Moscow says it is merely mirroring the approach of the United States, which never ratified the document.
1 Oct
It's not every day that both the Kremlin and its fiercest critics unite in outrage at the European Union. But that's precisely what happened recently, after the EU banned Russian citizens from bringing their personal vehicles into the bloc. And it wasn't just about cars. The Moscow Times reported that the ban appeared to include goods ranging from smartphones and laptops, to everyday necessities like toothpaste and toilet paper.
11 Sep
In this edition, the contentious issue of how some Muslim women and girls dress captures the headlines here in France with once again, the spotlight being on clothing in schools. Also the missing women of Peru where thousands disappear yearly primarily due to human trafficking, prostitution and gender violence. Plus the nuns of Kathmandu who teach women and girls Kung Fu as an act of empowerment.
8 Sep
Apple's market value has tumbled by some $200 billion in the wake of reports that Beijing has banned iPhones among government employees. We take a closer look. Also, Chinese car manufacturers make inroads into the European market, and New York City cracks down on Airbnb.


33 mins ago
Readers beware: Digital books save forests but also create toxic e-waste. Paper, meanwhile, is a renewable resource, though billions of hard copy books produce a high carbon footprint.
34 mins ago
Farmers in India say they feel cheated by the government after waiting years for their demands on minimum pricing to be met. They are once again faced with barricades and tear gas as they try to reach New Delhi.
34 mins ago
According to EU data, EU and member state support to Ukraine as of January 2024 totaled roughly €71 billion in military, financial, humanitarian, and emergency assistance; when €17 billion in EU funding to help Ukrainian refugees in member states is added, total EU support reaches over €88 billion.
2 hours ago
While emphasizing that the fencers would still need to make the US team on merit, sports bodies in the country have given Lokhanov and the Bidas their backing.
2 hours ago
A special report here in France on the con artists who prey on the women suffering from endometriosis; a painful disease that affects millions and can sometimes lead to fertility problems.
4 hours ago
Poland's government says it will deliver all of the weapons it had previously promised to Ukraine. That's after PM Morawiecki caused confusion when he said in an interview that his country had stopped sending arms. A dispute over the sale of Ukrainian grain in Europe has led to diplomatic tensions with Poland — previously one of Ukraine's strongest supporters in the war against Russia.