Monday, 25th September 2023


3 Jan 2018
Michael Olson, senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, discusses the outlook for Apple and the company's problems with batteries.
1 Jan 2018
Apple Inc. apologized to customers for software changes that reduced the performance of older iPhones to prevent unexpected shutdowns, while saying the company hadn’t intentionally set out to shorten the life of the products.
30 Dec 2017
Apple apologized for a software update that led to slower performance on older iPhones.
29 Dec 2017
Apple Inc. apologized to customers for software changes that reduced the performance of older iPhones in order to extend their battery life.
3 Nov 2017
Fans flock to Apple's New York store to get their hands on the new iPhone X.
2 Nov 2017
We take a look at how the US papers are delving deeper into their analysis of the New York City terrorist attack.
5 Oct 2017
The European Union's crackdown on tax avoidance has now swept in Amazon, with an order to pay up $294 million in back taxes to Luxembourg as the bloc brings Ireland to court over a similar case with Apple.
23 Sep 2017
Apple's iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 3 hit the streets as reviewers are finding flaws with each product.
15 Sep 2017
Snap, Apple or Amazon - which tech company is most successful on social?
13 Sep 2017
Apple on Tuesday unveiled its tenth anniversary iPhone and says it sets the path for the next decade.
5 Sep 2017
Bloomberg’s Adam Satariano previews the September 12 launch of Apple’s new iPhone.
2 Aug 2017
The Dow Industrials breached the 22,000 mark for the first time ever on Wednesday, boosted by a rally in Apple's shares.


1 day ago
US Vice President Kamala Harris will head the new federal office, as she and Biden gear up for the 2024 election. The White House efforts towards gun control are unlikely to be effective without the support of Congress.
1 day ago
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was optimistic about the prospect of reaching an agreement with Saudi Arabia, even as the peace pact still faces major hurdles.
1 day ago
During a speech in France, the Catholic leader urged a humane pan-European response to migration. French President Emmanuel Macron attended the address as his government deliberates a harsher response to asylum-seekers.
1 day ago
Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that the US takes "very, very seriously" incidents of "transnational repression," adding that he wants to ensure "accountability."
1 day ago
An explosion erupted at a warehouse for smuggled fuel in southern Benin. Benin's informal economy is heavily reliant on selling smuggled Nigerian fuel on the black market.
1 day ago
Pakistan's parliamentary elections will be held next January, the country's election authority announced on Thursday, delaying the vote that was initially tabled for November. The Election Commission of Pakistan said the elections are scheduled for the last week of January.