Wednesday, 29th November 2023


18 Nov
French papers focus on the nationwide demonstrations against anti-Semitism that took place on Sunday. While the massive turnout suggests some degree of unity on the matter, the presence of the far-right National Rally party divided opinions. We also take a look at the Al-Shifa hospital which is taking centre stage in the Israel-Hamas war and finish with a look at why dozens of bird species in the US and Canada are getting new names.
5 Nov
Antisemitism campaigners in Germany hope a new reporting system will help combat anti-Jewish incidents in sport and discourage the culprits.
4 Nov
The current conflict between Israel and Hamas is polarising public opinion and stoking fears of a further rise in both Islamophobic and anti-Semitic hate crimes. As home to the largest Jewish community outside of Israel, the US is not spared. Five years ago, on October 27, 2018, the city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania became the scene of the country's worst ever anti-Semitic attack. As worshippers gathered for Shabbat, a man opened fire inside the Tree of Life synagogue, killing 11 people.
29 Oct
As the conflict between Israel and Hamas escalates, Turkey is witnessing a troubling increase in antisemitic sentiment, exacerbated mainly by media coverage and political discourse.
27 Jun
Two new studies indicate that anti-Jewish racism and various forms of intersectional discrimination are widespread in Germany. At the same time, there is growing awareness and more reporting of discriminatory incidents.
20 Dec 2022
US President Joe Biden said he will not remain silent as long as antisemitism in the US is on the rise. He made the comments during a Hanukkah event at the White House.
17 Dec 2022
Education is key to combat "right-wing extremism, and left-wing antisemitism," Ron Prosor has told DW. Israel's envoy to Germany also spoke about the prospect of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


1 day ago
One month after opening a Tesla factory in Berlin, tech enterprenuer and billionaire Elon Musk opened the newest electric car making facility in Austin, Texas.
1 day ago
We look at the profiles of some of the hostages released by Hamas over the past three days and take a look at how Israeli papers are reacting to the hostage release deal. We also see why there's little optimism ahead of this week's COP28 climate summit in Dubai. We finish with a look at this year's highly timely Booker Prize winner.
1 day ago
Samuel Paty was killed by a suspected Islamist after showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad to his class. Five teenagers are charged with identifying the teacher to his killer for payment.
1 day ago
North Korea has sent troops to restore border posts that were taken town as part of an agreement to ease tensions, Seoul says.
1 day ago
The protesters were blocking shipping traffic at the Port of Newcastle over the weekend, challenging the nation's dependence on fossil fuel exports.
1 day ago
Lecture topic: For the world to respect Africa. Keynote topic: Federalism is the answer, What is the question?