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18 Jan 2020
Martins Oloja returns to Inside Stuff with three clear messages from Abuja. for personal engagement, Amotekun's ban and Imo politics on Inside Stuff. Buhari's daughter uses a Presidential jet for personal engagement, Amotekun's ban and Imo politics on Inside Stuff.


16 mins ago
Humanitarian groups are warning that the situation in Mali risks deteriorating rapidly after Bamako announced a ban on NGOs financed by France. The move came in response to France's decision to cut off public funding to Mali because of its alleged involvement with the Russian paramilitary group Wagner.
16 mins ago
The earthquake on Indonesia's island of Java injured dozens of children. The quake hit during the day, while classes were underway, and some students lost their lives. According to reports, some 80 schools were damaged by the quake.
16 mins ago
It's nicknamed the intense island. Located 10,000 kilometres from the French mainland, in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island contains a thousand treasures for the senses. Some 40 percent of the territory is a UNESCO World Heritage site. On the coast, whale song punctuates the missions of oceanographers.
17 mins ago
EU interior ministers address Italy-France migration spat and discuss more coordination in migration management
51 mins ago
Calls grow for the South African President to step down after an independent probe finds grounds for possible impeachment proceedings. We speak to our correspondent in Cape Town. December 1st is World AIDS day.
1 hour ago
Lipa was born in London, but her roots go back to Kosovo, where her parents come from. Her family fled to London in the early 90s when the small Balkan province was struggling with communist Yugoslavia and later Serbia for greater rights and independence for the province.