Monday, 26th February 2024


19 Nov
The forced eviction of thousands of families at the Angkor Wat temple complex in the name of conserving a UNESCO World Heritage site should require a robust reponse by the UN cultural organization, Amnesty said.
15 Nov
The Cambodian government has been accused of using "direct and subtle threats" to evict thousands of families living near the Angkor Wat Unesco World Heritage Site.
6 Nov
Security forces and armed groups are committing war crimes against civilians in Africa's Sahel region. The amnesty report: Death was slowly creeping on us: Living under siege in Burkina Faso focuses on crimes against civilians in many localities of Burkina Faso. The country underwent two military coups.The latest in september when Captain Ibrahim Traoré took over.
21 Oct
As the Israel-Hamas war continues, we spoke to Donatella Rovera, a Senior Crisis Adviser for Amnesty International. "International humanitarian law is there and has to be respected by all parties. The fact that Hamas militants have carried out attacks that killed hundreds and hundreds of Israeli civilians and have abducted Israeli civilians does not give Israel carte blanche to kill thousands of Palestinian civilians, which is what has been happening since October 7," she told us in Perspective.
13 Aug 2023
The human rights watchdog said it was able to document sexual assault on girls as young as 12. The conflict between the armed forces and the RSF has been ongoing since mid-April and shows no sign of abating.
5 Jul 2023
Amnesty International has reported that security forces, separatist rebels and ethnic militiamen – from both side of the country's linguistic divide – have committed "atrocities" in the English-speaking regions of western Cameroon, including executions, torture and rape.
23 Jun 2023
One year since tens of migrants and refugees died in a crush at the border between Spain and Morocco, Amnesty International has accused the two countries of a "cover-up."
11 Jun 2023
Golf's PGA and the Saudi-bankrolled LIV series have patched up their differences and are set to strike out on a common path. For Amnesty International, it's just the latest example of Riyadh's sportswashing strategy.
23 May 2023
The prominent journalist and supporter of ex-PM Imran Khan was detained by the Pakistani police, but the authorities then failed to present him in court.
14 Mar 2023
In a study of over 30 countries, the rights group found that the use of rubber bullets and other projectiles by security forces on protesters has led to injuries and even death.
12 Mar 2023
Hundreds of schoolgirls have been hospitalized across Iran, and parents took to the streets in Tehran to protest. Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the perpetrators should be severely punished.


20 mins ago
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6 hours ago
Palestinian Authority PM Mohammad Shtayyeh resigns
7 hours ago
The technological and economic feasibility of CCS is central in the conversation around "abated" production. Given the challenges that the technology has faced, limiting its use and efficacy to date, it is clear that CCS is not able to abate emissions from fossil fuels sufficiently.
7 hours ago
Agriculture ministers from around the European Union are gathering in Brussels this Monday to discuss ways to address demands of protesting farmers. In today's Business Daily, we look at some of the proposals put forward by the EU Commission to make things easier for farmers. Also in this edition, FRANCE 24's Emerald Maxwell takes a look at a type of online scam called "pig butchering", where users of dating websites fall for fake crypto investments.
9 hours ago
The head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) said on Monday that "the world" may undershoot the 3.3% merchandise trade growth rate for this year.
10 hours ago
However, in recent decades the country has also begun coming to terms with some of its colonial-era atrocities, including in Tanzania and Namibia. Germany's mass killings of Nigeria's Indigenous Herero and Nama people in the early 1900s has been referred to by many historians as the first genocide of the 20th century.