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Barcelona’s Pique booed in Madrid after voting in referendum

By Reuters
03 October 2017   |   5:23 am
Catalonia's independence referendum has made its way onto the soccer field with fans of Spain's national team targeting defender Gerard Pique.


30 Sep 2017
International journalists looks at the banned independence referendums in Catalonia and Iraqi Kurdistan; Emmanuel Macron's proposals to empower the EU; the death of Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine.
4 Oct 2017
Catalonia will declare independence "in a matter of days", the region's secessionist leader Carles Puigdemont was quoted as telling the BBC, a move that would defy Madrid and attempt to implement the directive of Sunday's banned independence referendum.
5 Oct 2017
Catalonia will move on Monday to declare independence from Spain after holding a banned referendum, pushing the European Union nation towards a rupture that threatens the foundations of its young democracy.
6 Oct 2017
Spain issues an apology for Catalonia clashes.
7 Oct 2017
Panel of international journalists looks at the situation in Spain after the banned independence referendum in Catalonia; the worst mass shooting in the history of United States; Trump's remarks in Puerto Rico; the King of Saudi Arabia paying a surprise visito to the Kremlin; three US scientists getting the medicine prize, rewarded for their decades on chronobiology.
9 Oct 2017
There's approval from the French papers after hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Barcelona to call for unity with the rest of Spain.
20 Oct 2017
Madrid has announced it will trigger a constitutional measure on Saturday allowing it to take direct control of Catalonia's governance after the autonomous region's leader ignored a Thursday deadline to rescind his ambiguous declaration of independence made last week.
22 Oct 2017
The Spanish cabinet meets to approve measures to take direct control of the semi-autonomous region of Catalonia.
27 Oct 2017
Senators in Madrid are expected to pass legislation today to seize control of everything from the insurgent region's budget to its police force and state-run media.
27 Oct 2017
Catalonian lawmakers vote for independence from Spain, with 70 votes in favor and 10 against.
28 Oct 2017
After a declaration of independence in Barcelona, Spain's national government triggers article 155 of the constitution approving direct rule over Catalonia.
4 Nov 2017
Tourist guides and restaurant owners in Catalonia are feeling the effects of the region’s political crisis. While there are no official figures available yet, the word on the street is that Spain’s political crisis has hit tourism hard.