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9 years ago

Sir: The poet said that love may be blind but the world could see. President Buhari may be earnest in his desire to change the country but his decisions, so far, are not inclusive of the whole nation. His choice of Chief Security officers does not reflect the picture of the political zones. Without any intention to preempt the president’s political direction, his exclusion of the Igbo in such pivotal appointment is so glaring to be ignored.

But one is grateful for Nigeria’s political landscape. A policy initiative that is not balanced is bound to have repercussions. The ethno-religious structure of the country necessitates diligence in winning the support of more than one of the three major groups. A wise leader will position himself, at best, to be acceptable to the nation and by political expediency, to have the support of two of the major groups. He runs the risk of not having an effective administration, talk less of winning a re-election, if he neglects the significance of regional factors.

The clarity in President Buhari’s government is impressive. Any lover of progress of the country will do well to be patient for his policies to mature. Though some of his earlier supporters may be shifting uncomfortably in their position because what they are seeing is not what they expected, the end will justify the means. I believe some segments of the economy will have to sacrifice as a result of some of his policies for the growth of the nation.

The president’s party should extend wings to cover the country. You do not succeed as a ruling party by showing your inability to overcome your antipathy over electorates who do not favour you during the election. The dynamics of Nigerian politics is very fickle. Your political enemy today could be your best associate tomorrow. Good leadership is making your opponent respect you.
•Pius Okaneme,
Umuoji, Anambra State.

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