Monday, 20th March 2023

Science & Tech

8 Sep 2017
Britain's Royal Navy has released a series of futuristic submarine concepts which mimic real marine life forms and radically change the way underwater warfare could look in 50 years.
7 Sep 2017
A barcode scanner that helps sort your recycling has gone on display at the IFA technology fair in Berlin.
5 Sep 2017
London-based artist Xavier Martin Ramirez used NASA satellite images of a 2014 solar flare to create an awe-inspiring video of the sun.
4 Sep 2017
A Canadian field study suggests that the negative effects of neonicotinoids on bee colonies are worse than previously thought.
28 Aug 2017
Nigeria's Minister for Science and Technology, Ogbonnaya Onu joins CNBC Africa from the floor of the NSE to give us an update on the Ministry's plans to bridge Nigeria's technology gaps.
25 Aug 2017
An Israeli telemedicine company is looking to replace some of the billions of face-to-face doctor visits, with a new device that allows patients an accurate self-examination from home.
11 Aug 2017
Moroccan researchers design a 'scorpion-milking' device that safely and quickly extracts venom from the glands of the arachnid, with the aim of aiding cancer research.
11 Aug 2017
Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, co-founder and MD of Flutterwave joins CNBC Africa to discuss how the pioneer status tax exemption policy can impact Nigeria’s tech space.
8 Aug 2017
Digital switch over NBC launches Kaduna phase.
8 Aug 2017
Scientists in the Netherlands and United States have developed a new polymer that can undulate and move itself forward under the influence of light.
8 Aug 2017
A male Google employee wrote a memo slamming the company’s politically correct culture, saying that it ignores differences between the sexes.
5 Aug 2017
Apple Inc. is planning to release a version of its smartwatch later this year that can connect directly to cellular networks, a move designed to reduce the device’s reliance on the iPhone, people familiar with the matter said.


2 hours ago
Michelle Yeoh battles her way through a multiverse, Angela Bassett leads a grieving nation at war, and Cate Blanchett deviously manipulates members of a world-class orchestra.
2 hours ago
Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine last year, the German arms manufacturer has seen its share price more than double.
2 hours ago
Last month's deadly earthquakes sped up efforts by Arab nations to reconcile with Damascus after years of civil war. President Bashar Assad needs international help to rebuild his country but many roadblocks remain.
2 hours ago
As Honduras contemplates switching diplomatic allegiance from Taiwan to China, experts say unofficial ties with remaining allies are stable but it's important to maintain formal relations, amid pressure from Beijing.
3 hours ago
Chancellor Olaf Scholz is in Tokyo this weekend for German-Japanese intergovernmental consultations. The two countries have recognized that they share economic and strategic interests. DW's Nina Haase reports from Tokyo.
3 hours ago
One in two young people in South Africa are unemployed while more than 1.2 million graduates are without jobs in Uganda. More own initiatives could ease unemployment in Africa, experts say.