Sunday, 3rd December 2023


26 Oct
Farmers in northern Ghana are returning to traditional medicines to treat their livestock. These scientifically backed indigenous treatments are more affordable than conventional veterinary drugs, and are less susceptible to antibacterial resistance.
25 Oct
A company backed by oil major Shell says it has raised $103 million to build solar mini grids in rural Africa and Asia including a focus on Nigeria and plans to expand into Democratic Republic of Congo.
24 Oct
Nigeria no longer has to pay a multibillion-dollar fine over a failed gas deal. A London court has backed Abuja's appeal over damages. Also, we speak to the president of Rugby Africa about the prospects for rugby on the continent as South Africa powers through the Rugby World Cup. And France teams up with Nigeria in a crackdown on piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.
23 Oct
In a roadside welding shop in Nigeria’s commercial capital Lagos, Shola Ojo gives his power-generating set a second pull before the engine revved up, now he is ready to start his business for the day.
21 Oct
China's National Bureau of Statistics has released a new raft of data on the health of the Chinese economy, the world's second largest. Annual GDP growth in the third quarter reached 4.9%, beating analysts' expectations. The authorities' efforts to support growth are bearing fruit, although retail sales remain low and the property sector continues to struggle.
18 Oct
Pakistan has recently begun a partnership with Russia whereby Islamabad receives energy supplies from Moscow. How the West responds may dictate whether the deal works or not.
16 Oct
A crackdown on cryptocurrency accounts linked to Hamas has reignited scrutiny of digital assets after the terrorist group attacked Israel. Criminal and terrorist organizations use crypto to bypass laws and sanctions.
13 Oct
The attacks in Israel have so far not prompted energy price spikes. But the risk of escalation in a region defined by oil production means the market is nervous.
12 Oct
Cash-strapped Pakistan has asked China to step up funding of projects via the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). But experts say Beijing is wary of Pakistan's worsening economic crisis.
11 Oct
Sri Lanka's economic crisis is the biggest test yet of China's massive Belt and Road Initiative. Many blame the country's economic collapse on a close relationship with Beijing. Between 2000 and 2020, China extended $12 billion in loans to the Sri Lankan government.
7 Oct
Tiny chips, big impact: The challenge of diversifying semiconductor supply chains france24
7 Oct
Saudi-owned Newcastle beat Qatari-owned Paris Saint-Germain in a Champions League match that said much about modern football. There is some opposition, but Newcastle as a club and city have welcomed the investment.


47 mins ago
Since at least November 17, the Israeli army has been claiming that they found Hamas tunnels located under Al Shifa hospital in Gaza. However, many social media users are now claiming that the Israelis have simply discovered tunnels that they dug themselves. We tell you who might have built these tunnels in this edition of Truth or Fake.
47 mins ago
Will a sense of urgency prevail at COP28? The climate talks in the United Arab Emirates will once again bring to the fore the challenges of financing the world's move to sustainable development. The vice president of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Sir Danny Alexander, joins us from Dubai to give us his take.
47 mins ago
US prosecutors claim an Indian official was behind a plot to assassinate a Sikh activist in New York. Similar accusations had triggered a conflict between India and Canada, but US-India ties are on a different level.
1 hour ago
NFTs were a pandemic curiosity, with the digital assets experiencing a massive rise in value before an equally dramatic crash. Were they simply fool's gold or could they rise again?
1 hour ago
Dubai launched the 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change with a landmark move: operationalising the Loss and Damage Fund. The fund aims to help vulnerable nations cope with the impacts of climate change
2 hours ago
The Africa Prize is awarded by the non-partisan German Africa Foundation to Africans selected by a jury for their commitment to democracy, peace, human rights, economic development, science, arts, culture, or society.