Wednesday, 6th December 2023


29 Oct
When bombs are falling, arms industry profits are rising. As war rages in Gaza, we look at how the defence sector is both benefiting from the violence and struggling to keep up. Even before the latest flare-up, global defence spending was rising to Cold War levels – largely due to the war in Ukraine, but also due to a perceived threat from China's growing military prowess. In 2022, military outlays rose for the eighth straight year, hitting $2.24 trillion.
6 Oct
Nobel Prize in LiteratureJon Fosse Is the 2023 Laureate. The Norwegian writer was honored β€œfor his innovative plays and prose which give voice to the unsayable.” The prize is awarded for a writer's entire body of work.


28 mins ago
At COP28 in Dubai, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called for a phase out of fossil fuels, the US announced $3 billion in new climate funding and France pushed for nuclear energy as a way to reduce emissions.
28 mins ago
South Korea has been ramping up its surveillance capabilities in order to gain a strategic edge over North Korea. The move comes after North Korea launched a satellite of its own in violation of UN resolutions.
1 hour ago
Early drafts of the COP28 agreement refer to the "phasedown/out" of fossil fuels, which are responsible for most climate emissions. The final wording will likely be disputed. What's the difference β€” and does it matter?
1 hour ago
Britain and Rwanda have inked a new treaty aimed at rescuing failed plans for the UK to deport asylum-seekers. A top court ruling had blocked the policy, saying it violated human rights laws enshrined in UK legislation.
3 hours ago
After the military burned down their village, one community describe their efforts to survive in a diplaced person's camp on the fringes of the jungle in the Sagaing region.
3 hours ago
Junta-led Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger have ditched the G5 anti-jihadist force. Experts say their intended confederation to tackle Islamist insurgents in the Sahel is bound to fail unless they mend ties with ECOWAS.