Monday, 8th August 2022

World War One

11 Nov 2018
At the end of World War One, new states were founded as old empires toppled. Old neighbors feuded over new ideologies, resulting in the rise of communism and the drawing of unstable borders. The impact is still being felt a hundred years on.
10 Nov 2018
The changes brought by the end of World War One were perhaps more strongly felt in the Middle East than anywhere else in the world. The resulting arbitrary borders, lack of democratic structures and mistrust of the West meant a peace to end all peace.
10 Nov 2018
The end of World War One changed the world order, as revolutions toppled empires across Europe and new borders were drawn across the world. The losers, forced to pay reparations, faced poverty that created conditions for a second, equally terrible, war.
10 Nov 2018
More than two million Africans, civilians and soldiers alike, were killed in World War One. In Europe and in Africa itself, thousands of Africans were forced into service for their colonial masters. The consequences are still in evidence today.
11 Nov 2017
People across the United Kingdom remember the 99th anniversary of the end of World War One.
13 Jul 2017
U.S. President Donald Trump departs for Paris to celebrate 100 years since U.S. troops entered World War One on the side of France and Britain.


35 mins ago
Twelve people have been killed with 31 injured — 18 of them seriously — after a Polish bus filled with religious pilgrims slipped off a road and crashed near Varazdin in northwestern Croatia, authorities said.
35 mins ago
For years, Africa's push for reparations from European nations for colonial-era wrongs has been piecemeal. Now the continent wants to consolidate ongoing campaigns.
2 hours ago
Senegal's electoral commission has said the ruling coalition has failed to hold on to its absolute parliamentary majority.
2 hours ago
Because he believes that the African markets desire different kinds of perfumes than those made by the big names in the West, Nigerian investor Adewale Aladejana has been able to take the African fragrance industry by storm.
3 hours ago
The head of Nigeria's air force has urged operational commanders to show "no mercy" as they tackle mounting insecurity that has spread from the country's north.
1 day ago
The move will allow more federal funding and measures to be used to fight the disease in the US. The announcement follows a similar declaration by the World Health Organization.