Tuesday, 5th December 2023
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23 Oct
Israel has kept up a steady barrage of airstrikes against the Gaza Strip since the October 7 terrorist attacks by Hamas. In the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Palestinians have taken their despair and anger to the streets.
22 Oct
Experts say both Israel and Hamas have breached international humanitarian law, which dictates what can and cannot be done in times of conflict. But have or will either side be held accountable? For a closer look at the legal situation, Marco Sassoli, an international law professor at the University of Geneva, joined us on Perspective.
21 Oct
Germany's Frankfurt Book Fair is being overshadowed by the conflict in the Middle East, as different publishers from predominantly Muslim countries pull out of the event.
21 Oct
Six months ago, a conflict erupted between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces, plunging Sudan into one of the worst humanitarian nightmares in recent history, according to the United Nations. Also, the end of the so-called state of siege in DR Congo comes as a relief for many in North Kivu and Ituri.
20 Oct
Hamas's October 7 attack on Israel was a shocking breach of Israeli defence technology, which is among the world's most renowned. But things weren’t exactly easy before the war. Investment in Israeli startups plunged amid a global tech sector turndown and domestic political turmoil. Many young tech industry workers have now been drafted.
18 Oct
The German chancellor expressed support for Egypt's efforts to mediate in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.
18 Oct
Meta is expanding its enforcement of its policies against violent posts and misinformation amid the Israel-Hamas war. It has created a special operations center with experts fluent in Hebrew and Arabic. Meta said it has temporarily lowered the threshold to trigger its technology that prevents "potentially violating and borderline content" from being amplified across its services.
17 Oct
Speaking during a meeting in Marrakech, the International Monetary Fund's managing director said the war between Israel and Hamas was a "new cloud" that was "darkening" the global economic outlook. Kristalina Georgieva said her organisation was monitoring the situation "very closely", although it was too soon to say what specific economic impact the conflict may have.
16 Oct
The EU faces what is arguably its stiffest foreign policy test since the war in Ukraine. A devastating attack on Israel by Hamas has been met with a massive Israeli response in the Gaza Strip. It is being described as the worst chapter in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the war of October 1973.
14 Oct
We look at the battle of images in the Israeli and international press, as Israel says it has decided to release photos showing babies killed in the attack by Hamas last weekend.
14 Oct
The European Commission has opened an investigation into X, Elon Musk's social media platform formerly known as Twitter. The move comes after Brussels ordered X, as well as rivals Meta and TikTok, to act quickly to tackle the spread of disinformation, which has surged on each of these platforms since Hamas's deadly attack on Israel.
10 Oct
Hundreds of thousands of people fled Russia in 2022, after it invaded Ukraine and announced a mobilization. Since then, some have returned but not necessarily forever. DW spoke to a few of them.


1 hour ago
This week on French Connections we take a look at the complex web of "autoroutes", or highways, in France. Over 70 percent of French people stayed in France for their vacations in 2023, and that means most of them hit the road. From its inception in 1927 to controversial toll increases to bumper-to-bumper traffic, we tell you how these highways illustrate so much about French society.
1 hour ago
The European satellite has revealed the secrets of a planetary system that's puzzled scientists for years. It will teach them about other stars and planets.
1 hour ago
In this edition of Perspective, we look at the tireless work going on behind the frontlines of the war in Ukraine; specifically, the people helping children traumatised by conflict. Olena Rozvadovska co-founded the charity "Voices of Children" to provide psychological support to those in greatest need.
3 hours ago
A video that shows CCTV footage has been circulating since November 30, where we see a pregnant woman being violently stabbed by a man. Some users claim that the video shows a Palestinian woman stabbed by an Israeli settler in the West Bank. We tell you what this video really shows in this edition of Truth or Fake.
3 hours ago
The death toll from floods in northern Tanzania following torrential rains this weekend has risen to 63, officials have said. Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa said in comments broadcast on television on Monday that the number of injured stood at 116 people.
11 hours ago
Nigeria's wood industry is growing as trees are felled in the country's hinterlands and transported to Lagos. But the country's forests are disappearing.