Wednesday, 27th September 2023


1 Dec 2018
The G20 summit is supposed to focus on development and infrastructure. But Jamal Khashoggi's death, the war in Yemen, a US-China trade war and the Russia-Ukraine conflict are also expected to be major talking points.
27 Nov 2018
The killing of 44 Soldiers: Nigerian Senate may pay surprise visits to war front.
23 Nov 2018
The course of Nigeria's war against Islamist militants has turned against the government with reports that as many as 100 soldiers have been killed by an Islamic State offshoot since Sunday.
13 Nov 2018
Thanos Papasavvas, founder and chief investment officer at ABP Invest, explains why he is positive on China's economy and sees the nation eventually winning the trade war with the United States.
24 Sep 2018
According to the UN, Lebanon is hosting more than a million Syrian refugees. Many are young people who fled the war before finishing their education. The German charity Kiron hopes to help them by providing them with opportunities to learn online.
6 Sep 2018
Human rights groups say 12,000 people have been killed in Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs. The Philippines president has bragged himself of killing criminals. His legal advisor tells DW, “We can kill out of self-defense.”
4 Sep 2018
Relations between Russia and the West hit such a low point this year that some saw a new Cold War in the making. So it might come as a surprise to hear that Russians view America more favorably than they have in years, as DW's Miodrag Soric learned.
24 Jul 2018
Bloomberg's Selina Wang discusses the impact of escalating trade tensions on U.S. gadget makers. She speaks on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia."
3 Jul 2018
Secondus wondered how long would the ruling APC thrive on propaganda, as all the people cannot be fool all the times.
30 May 2018
South Korea is technically still at war with the North, meaning that two years of military service is mandatory for all able-bodied men.
15 Apr 2018
11-year-old Mave Grace and her family outside makeshift tent, Grace's younger sister with visible scars on her face, Grace describing how men with machetes were running after her and her family and how she lost her left arm, grace standing with her sister, Grace's father, Nyine Richard describing how he got seriously injured, Grace's family near makeshift tent, Grace standing with sister looking at camp for displaced people, various of displaced people receiving food.
9 Feb 2018
US tennisman's Twitter past clouds his dream run at the Australian Open and the woman who inspired the "We can do it" wartime poster dies after decades of anonymity.


3 hours ago
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6 hours ago
Tensions are flaring up between India and Canada over Khalistan separatists, with the row also sending out shockwaves throughout the Sikh diaspora.
6 hours ago
Malaysia intends to double the quantity of palm oil it exports to China, in an effort to counterbalance the EU's push to cut down on its own imports.
7 hours ago
The former US president is being sued by the New York attorney general for deceiving banks and insurers by over-valuating assets. The judge's decision narrows the parameters of a trial next week.
7 hours ago
A Rwandan court orders a suspected serial killer to be detained for 30 days. Denis Kazungu pleaded guilty after multiple bodies were found buried in his kitchen, in a case that has shocked the nation. Also, several children are amongst the eight people killed following heavy rains in Cape Town. And in Senegal, Tiak Tiak drivers gear up to hit the streets once again. The moto-taxis offer commuters a way to zip in and out of the dense Dakar traffic, but with a risk of accidents.
8 hours ago
Britain's Home Secretary Suella Braverman called for governments to rewrite global refugee rules to make them "fit for the modern age." She said "simply being gay, or a woman" should not in itself entitle refuge.