Friday, 9th December 2022


27 Mar 2019
Volvo has announced that soon all of its new cars will come with cameras that can tell if the driver has had too much to drink. The move is part of Volvo’s broader plan to completely prevent fatalities in its vehicles, which will also include the addition of a device to limit a car's top speed.
20 Jun 2018
Hakan Samuelsson, president and chief executive officer at Volvo Cars, discusses the opening of the automaker's new factory in South Carolina and his concerns over the growing trade dispute between the U.S., China, and Europe.


17 mins ago
A 'hunt' for Haitian migrants in the Dominican Republic, and the Indian state that's crazy for football
17 mins ago
The lives of a Kenyan pastoralist community are being transformed with proceeds from carbon credits. The community in Samburu county is earning a fortune from wealthy polluters through climate-smart practices in pasture management.
17 mins ago
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has spoken about the Russian invasion in the Bundestag, saying the decision to allow the delivery of weapons to Ukraine was the only "response possible to Putin's aggression."
18 mins ago
Some female fans in Qatar say their World Cup experience feels safer than other tournaments because of a more conservative culture and reduced alcohol consumption.
1 day ago
Russia has released the US basketball player, who had been serving a 9-year sentence in a penal colony, in exchange for a notorious arms dealer. US President Biden has said Griner is "on her way home."
1 day ago
German police conducted nationwide raids and arrested 25 people suspected of belonging to a far-right "terrorist cell." Investigators believe some of them were plotting to overthrow the government.