Saturday, 2nd July 2022

US president

26 Jul 2020
Democratic candidate for US president, Joe Biden, warned of potential efforts by China and Russia to disrupt the election. He accused Donald Trump of planning to disrupt the system of mail-in ballots.
24 Jul 2020
The US president has made good on a threat to send more federal troops to combat unrest in major US cities. "Operation Legend" will see hundreds of agents deployed to Chicago and other urban centers.
17 Jul 2020
The US president signed sanctions legislation targeting Chinese businesses and officials in the wake of a new security law imposed in Hong Kong. China condemned the move, and vowed to retaliate with sanctions of its own.
14 Jun 2020
The US president offered his first policy proposals on policing and racial inequality since the killing of George Floyd. Trump said the US will not progress by "labeling tens of millions of Americans racists or bigots."
4 Jun 2020
The Hong Kong protest movement cannot rely on Donald Trump. The US president's announcements of denying Hong Kong special status and sanctioning China remain vague, says Frank Sieren.
28 Apr 2020
US President Donald Trump said that he was aware of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un's health condition. Kim hasn't been seen in public since April 11, triggering rumours of his death.
28 Apr 2020
US President Donald Trump on Monday appeared to confirm that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is alive, saying he wished him well after days of speculation over the dictator's whereabouts.
8 Feb 2020
US President Donald Trump confirms that the US has killed the al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula leader, Qassem al-Rimi, in a counter-terrorism operation in Yemen. Officials in Yemen have not confirmed the killing.
7 Aug 2019
The US president's move is his latest gambit to oust counterpart Nicolas Maduro from power. Meanwhile, Colombia says it will grant citizenship to babies born there to Venezuelan parents and thus at risk of statelessness.
14 Feb 2019
The US president is underwhelmed with a tentative funding deal that provides much less funding for border security. Trump again insisted that his concrete wall at the US-Mexico border will be built.
15 Dec 2018
US President Donald Trump has chosen Mick Mulvaney to take over from retiring chief of staff John Kelly in 2019. The decision comes after two of his top picks withdrew their names.
9 Jun 2018
Cartoonists interpret Trump’s isolation among fellow G7 members while the US president’s bromance with French President Emmanuel Macron appears to be on the rocks.


2 hours ago
Ethopian entrepreneur Kidist Tesfaye challenges pollution by producing ecofriendly bags out of paper and fabrics.
2 hours ago
Russian lawmakers passed a law expanding the definition of "foreign agents," a tool used to crack down on Kremlin critics and impose new restrictions.
3 hours ago
JK Rowling has been defended by Warner Bros after a question about her was blocked at a ‘Harry Potter’ event.
3 hours ago
Small business owners in South Africa's Soweto say power outages - some of the worst to hit South Africa - have forced them to cut hours and staff.
4 hours ago
In this week's Street Debate, Christine Mhundwa meets young people demanding change in Eswatini. The small southern African country is one of the last remaining absolute monarchies in the world, and some young people believe the king is abusing his powers.
4 hours ago
The Vietnamese government's commitment to action on climate change is in the spotlight after a leading environmental activist was sentenced this month to two years in prison on murky charges of "tax evasion."