Sunday, 25th September 2022

US President-elect

15 Dec 2020
US President-elect Joe Biden has cleared the 270-vote threshold in the Electoral College count, formalizing his victory over Donald Trump.
23 Nov 2020
Speaking at a press conference in Delaware, US President-elect Joe Biden denounces the 'incredible irresponsibility' of President Donald Trump on his refusal to concede.
12 Nov 2020
US President-elect Joe Biden has spoken to the leaders of European allies, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Many European leaders have expressed hopes that relations with the US can be repaired under Biden.


6 mins ago
The devastating flooding in recent weeks has battered a country already struggling to revive its crisis-stricken economy.
15 mins ago
Uniper's situation has looked increasingly vulnerable following the closure of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. Previously, Germany's largest importer of natural gas said soaring energy prices had hit the company hard.
1 hour ago
Kyiv has said Russian missiles landed near Ukraine's second-largest nuclear power station in Mykolaiv. Meanwhile, the Baltic states and Poland have closed their borders to Russians holding visas.
1 hour ago
As Chancellor Olaf Scholz planned to visit three gulf countries to discuss energy needs, Germany stepped up projects for LNG gas imports.
1 hour ago
The much-discussed decision is here: Germany will keep two of its three remaining nuclear power plants - at least for now. Some want them longer. Either way, the move marks a policy change long considered unthinkable.
1 hour ago
West African political bloc ECOWAS slaps sanctions on the military junta ruling Guinea. Failure to provide a plan for a return to civilian rule has resulted in the junta's assets being frozen, with the threat of more severe sanctions also laid on the table.