Sunday, 5th December 2021


24 Aug
The Ukrainian man is accused of trying to steal confidential information related to Russia's weapons programs. If convicted, he could face up to 20 years behind bars
11 Apr
Reports of Russian troops massing near the Ukrainian border and in Crimea are "credible," the US said on Monday. It said Moscow needs to explain these "provocations."
28 Mar 2020
After an Ukrainian advertising magnate was found dead in the home of former Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara, police detained the politician on murder charges. Kozhara and his wife claim the businessman committed suicide.
16 Jan 2020
Mr. Olayinka Bernard Adeleye, whose picture was recently used as a Nigerian who was involved in the the Ukranian flight that was shot down by an Iranian missile on January 7, 2020 killing all 176 passengers and crew members, has denied being one of the victims, saying he is alive and kicking. He said the news of his death has left him and his family with scars which would take a long time to heal.
30 Dec 2019
Ukrainian authorities and pro-Russian separatists in the war-torn east of the country swap dozens of prisoners in a frontline operation that stirred controversy in Kiev.
14 Sep 2019
Russian and Ukrainian authorities have confirmed the long-awaited prisoner exchange. Those swapped are believed to include Ukrainian journalists, sailors, a filmmaker and a suspected Russian witness to the MH17 downing.
28 Sep 2017
Massive explosions at a military ammunition depot lead Ukrainian authorities to close airspace and evacuate people from the surrounding area.
4 Aug 2017
Former heavyweight boxing world champion Wladimir Klitschko has announced his retirement from the sport, ending a 27-year career for the Ukrainian athlete.


1 hour ago
The United States is the only developed economy without any national policy on paid parental leave. American lawmakers have recently made efforts to pass mandates on parental and family leave, but the legislation is likely to be blocked in partisan bickering. “It has immense benefits” says Richard Petts, Sociology professor at Ball State University, to journalist Kate Moody. “It's really a can't miss policy”.
2 hours ago
Chinese real estate giant Evergrande, saddled with around $300 billion in debt, has been struggling to meet interest payments on its loans. If it collapses, some of its partner firms could be driven to bankruptcy, prospective homebuyers could lose deposits and some banks would lend less money, which would lead to a credit crunch in the world's second-biggest economy. Property developers in China have in fact created an oversupply: there is enough empty property in the country to house more than 90 million people. FRANCE 24's team reports.
2 hours ago
The neoliberal FDP will be the smallest party in Germany's new government but it has landed key ministries and the all-important finance chief job. How much influence will the Free Democrats really have in the end?
2 hours ago
NATO said there would be "consequences" for Russia if it launches an invasion of Ukraine. Russia, meanwhile, warned the West to stear clear of Moscow's "red lines."
3 hours ago
French fashion businesses here in France tend to go one of two ways: either they fail, or they thrive, before being bought up by a powerful luxury group. But some companies do manage to resist that fate – weathering economic crises, the challenges of a globalised economy and now the pandemic, all on their own. So how exactly do they do it and what makes them tick? We went to meet independent shoemakers Arche in the Loire Valley and Paris-based Weston to find out.
1 day ago
The governing body of women's tennis took the decision after Peng made an allegation of sexual abuse against a Chinese official. WTA chairman Steve Simon said he worried about player safety at tournaments in China.