Monday, 8th August 2022


21 Nov 2018
Bloomberg's Eric Newcomer reports on Uber Technologies Inc.'s global expansion plans ahead of its initial public offering.
15 Nov 2018
Uber’s sales are dramatically slowing even as the ride-hailing company is spending more to fuel global growth, particularly in its food delivery business.
12 Jun 2018
Bloomberg's Brad Stone explains the reality of flying cars and describes the companies making them, including eVolo, Airbus, EHang, Kitty Hawk and Uber.
10 May 2018
One of the biggest startups on the planet has big plans for the future of transportation. Uber is holding its annual Elevate Summit in Los Angeles highlighting its plans and partnerships for flying cars.
24 Mar 2018
Toyota has stopped testing its driverless cars after an Uber self-driving car hit and killed a pedestrian in California.
6 Feb 2018
The Waymo vs. Uber trial kicked off today in San Francisco. Bloomberg Technology's Eric Newcomer looks at the history behind the feud.
19 Jan 2018
Uber has now completed its deal with SoftBank, triggering a series of governance reforms. The Japanese conglomerate is now Uber's top shareholder.
28 Dec 2017
Uber's had a rough 2017, fighting legal and boardroom battles and struggling to fix its reputation. Can new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi right the ship?
28 Nov 2017
Japan's giant Softbank and a group of investors that have been looking to grab a piece of Uber now want to pay 30 percent less for it than the last buyers shelled out, a source told Reuters Monday.
14 Nov 2017
Uber Technologies Inc. approved SoftBank Group Corp.’s offer to buy a multibillion-dollar stake in the ride-hailing company.
11 Nov 2017
A British tribunal has upheld a lower body's decision that Uber drivers are entitled to rights including minimum wage and vacation time.
11 Nov 2017
Gabe Klein, former head of transportation in Washington, D.C. and Chicago, discusses Uber losing an appeal over whether it should pay overtime and give vacation time to its London drivers.


1 day ago
The move will allow more federal funding and measures to be used to fight the disease in the US. The announcement follows a similar declaration by the World Health Organization.
1 day ago
Germany's queer community is demanding that the Catholic Church accept their sexual identities. More than 100 members, including pastors, friars, and nuns have come out recently.
1 day ago
Aung Kyaw Moe, human rights adviser to Myanmar's National Unity Government, speaks with DW about the execution of four pro-democracy activists in Myanmar, as well as Rohingya rights and democratization.
1 day ago
The head of the Greek intelligence service has stepped down during a scandal after a reported attempt to spy on an opposition politician. The resignation came amid swirling accusations about the use of Predator software.
1 day ago
The richest man in the world has claimed in court that Twitter lied to him about key parts of the business. The Tesla CEO is facing a lawsuit to force him to go through with his purchase of the social media company.
1 day ago
China's military drills in the waters around Taiwan are prompting regional powers such as Japan to rethink defense strategies. Could East Asia be on the brink of an arms race?