Monday, 6th February 2023


9 Jul 2019
Tunisia's prime minister has banned the full-face veil in all government buildings due to security concerns. It comes after a deadly double suicide bombing in Tunis in late June.
1 Jul 2019
Tunisia: Funeral held for policeman killed in attack.
28 Jun 2019
Tunisia's aging president, Beji Caid Essebsi, has been rushed to hospital after falling "seriously ill." News of the 92-year-old's deteriorating health came as two suicide bombings struck Tunis.
19 May 2019
With bucket and spade in hand, Sabiha Ayari from Sejnane in northern Tunisia is among the women keeping alive an ancient tradition of creating pottery with all-natural materials.
3 Apr 2019
Run-down hospitals in Tunisia, illegal logging in Morocco, and more.
3 Mar 2019
More and more rejected asylum-seekers are being sent back to Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, according to a new report. The German government wants to designate the countries as "safe" in order to accelerate the process.
20 Jan 2019
Tunisia looks for ways to stem 'brain drain'.
18 Jul 2018
The economic situation in Tunisia drives people to cross the Mediterranean despite the dangers. Thousands see flight as the only option to escape their woes at home.
14 Jun 2018
German police have arrested a Tunisian man after discovering "toxic substances" at his flat in Cologne, officials said. Prosecutors are not ruling out a possible terror motive.
20 Mar 2018
Tunisia is where the "Arab Spring" began. Today, seven years on, despite some setbacks, it is the only country in the Arab world where those uprisings have given way to a peaceful transition to a functioning democracy.
6 Mar 2018
CAF champions league - Plateau Utd captain is confident team can win in Tunisia.
16 Jan 2018
Demonstrations in Tunisia against tax and price hikes continue on the anniversary of the ousting of former President Ben Ali.


31 mins ago
In the first papal visit to South Sudan, Pope Francis is highlighting the plight of women in the young nation who face the world's highest material mortality rate and are subject to widespread sexual violence.
31 mins ago
The US announced that it will allow the first transfer of a Russian oligarch's confiscated funds to Ukraine. In the meantime, Germany says it has evidence of over 100 war crimes in Ukraine.
1 hour ago
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1 hour ago
Strong earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria on Monday. The region is frequently hit by tremors. Here's why.
2 hours ago
Kennedy Odede dreamed of providing his neighborhood with safe, affordable water. But first he had to negotiate with the gangs monopolizing Kibera's water supply.
2 hours ago
Facebook has been under scrutiny before, for failing to curb hate speech on its platform in Ethiopia. The son of a man killed after calls for his murder appeared on the platform argues that Facebook treats Africa differently to Europe and the US.