Friday, 2nd June 2023

Soviet symbols

23 Dec 2021
Since its independence, Ukraine has been concerned with performing a balancing act between East and West. That changed with 2014's pro-Western revolution, which ushered in a policy of "decommunisation": condemning Soviet leaders for their crimes and removing all monuments to them. These measures have been wildly popular with some but less so with others, especially in Eastern regions that suffered from the capitalist transition. Gulliver Cragg reports from the Donbass.


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South Africa's economy is at risk of going off the grid as recurring power cuts wreak havoc on the country's businesses and households. Alongside this energy crisis, the nation's central bank is sounding the alarm over potential threats to financial stability. These concerns stem from capital outflows and the possibility of sanctions due to South Africa's stance on Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
3 hours ago
Authorities advised nearly 1.3 million people across Japan to evacuate after Tropical Storm Mawar lashed Okinawa causing in injuries to eight people.
3 hours ago
Russia and China have raised the possibility of BRICS accepting new members. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin's attendance at an August summit remains unclear.
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  Iran and Afghanistan are locked in a long-standing dispute over the sharing of water from the Helmand River. Clashes broke out recently along the border.