Friday, 1st December 2023


11 Nov
In the creeks near Marseille, 37 metres underwater, lies the only submerged cave on the planet that's covered with cave paintings. On its damp walls, people have painted horses, bison, ibex and even penguins – animals that were present in the south of France during the Ice Age. The oldest paintings date back some 27,000 years.
28 Oct
The French Mediterranean island of Corsica attracts two million holidaymakers every summer. To properly discover the so-called Isle of Beauty, what better way than on a cruise ship? Aboard a week-long cruise on La Belle des Océans, passengers explore Corsica's most beautiful beaches, as well as the local gastronomy and breathtaking panoramas – such as the medieval town of Bonifacio, perched 40 metres above the Mediterranean. FRANCE 24 brings you a little taste of summer.
26 Sep
European governments have a duty to rescue asylum seekers who cross the sea to escape conflict, Pope Francis said in Marseille. He called it "a duty of humanity" to save people in difficulty.
26 Aug
Japan has begun to pump more than a million metric tons of treated water from the destroyed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The process is expected to take decades to complete.
6 Aug
According to EU climate observers Copernicus, the surface waters of the world's oceans were warmer than ever before this week: 20.96 degrees Celsius. This narrowly broke the previous record set in 2016.
22 Jun
To discover France's Baie de Somme, on the northern Picardy coast, it's best to venture out at low tide. The River Somme's vast estuary reveals an archipelago of sandbanks and salt marshes: a paradise for migratory birds, but also for sheep farmers. During a canoe trip, tourists can get close to the stars of the bay: the seals. The largest seal colony in France has taken up residence here, much to the delight of visitors.
12 Jun
Marine biologist Uli Kunz is a research diver, underwater photographer, TV presenter and lecture traveler. His goal: to raise awareness of the fragility of the oceans in the face of their growing pollution.
4 Dec 2022
This summer, an unprecedented marine heatwave hit the Mediterranean Sea, causing mass die-offs of marine life. Will ecosystems ever recover? The Down to Earth team takes a closer look.


49 mins ago
While Palestinians in the Middle East have different legal statuses and integration levels, for the majority, the common pursuit remains a two-state solution and the ability to exercise a right to return.
49 mins ago
The trial of Marvel actor Jonathan Majors has begun, with the actor facing charges of assault against his ex-girlfriend. The alleged attack occurred in March of 2022 and left the victim, Grace Jabbari, with bruises and a broken finger.
50 mins ago
Dubai is hosting the UN COP28 summit on climate change, which aims to encourage countries to speed up their energy transitions. The fact that the event is taking place in an oil-rich emirate is the last straw for many activists, who are boycotting the event. Dubai, home to artificial islands and ski slopes in the desert, is nonetheless trying to boost its green credentials and is counting on startups to do so.
5 hours ago
Sebastian Stan has been cast as a young Donald Trump in Ali Abbasi's biopic 'The Apprentice'.
5 hours ago
As the COP28 summit gets underway in Dubai, the United Nations has warned that one of the biggest challenges in tackling climate change is the rise in disinformation about the issue. The UN is backing a campaign by Indian teenage environmental activist Sagarika Sriram, whose mission is to make climate change studies compulsory in schools worldwide. She spoke to FRANCE 24's Gavin Lee from Dubai.
8 hours ago
Qatar holds an important position of influence over Hamas, a designated terrorist entity, whose political headquarters it has housed for more than a decade. Some question its legitimacy as mediator in the Israel-Hamas war.