Thursday, 1st December 2022

scientific evidence

26 Apr 2020
We look at how Madagascar's president has endorsed a controversial "miracle cure" to tackle the coronavirus. There is no scientific evidence that the herbal remedy is effective - our correspondent tells us more. Also, Burkina Faso will make face masks mandatory as of April 27, but they're still hard to come by. Our correspondents meet a fashion designer making masks to ease the shortages. Finally, Kenya's lockdown of the capital Nairobi has proven difficult to implement - our correspondents show us why.


18 mins ago
Saudi Arabia and Mexico are both out of the World Cup. Meanwhile, Argentina are into the last 16 after breezing past Poland 2-0. Despite their loss, the Poles are also through to the next stage. They will take on France, who topped Group D despite losing 1-0 to Tunisia.
1 hour ago
A satellite photo of Europe being shared on social media appears to show a complete blackout in Ukraine. But the power outages, albeit extensive, are not total. The photo has been manipulated – we explain how in this edition of Truth or Fake.
1 hour ago
4 million people were starved to death in Ukraine from 1932 to 1933. Stalin denied the famine ever happened. Why did the West turn a blind eye to it?
1 hour ago
Human history is a long arc of progress. Thanks to technological innovation, we've never lived longer or healthier. But the distribution of that progress is uneven. According to the World Bank, global inequality is rising for the first time in decades, while even within developed nations, gaps between the rich and poor are expanding.
4 hours ago
Outtake: Trump refuses to say election is over
4 hours ago
In June, Spain's left-wing government promised revolutionary reforms to help the transgender community. It put forward a bill that would drastically simplify the legal process involved in changing gender. But it faces more pushback than expected.