Sunday, 10th December 2023


26 Nov
As the team behind the latest magical Disney adventure "Wish" present their film in Paris, we're talking about 100 years of the biggest media company on the planet. We learn about Walt's French ancestry and how the name Disney came from two French words – D apostrophe Isigny – which was combined into Disney.
13 Apr
The anime by Makoto Shinkai is a coming-of-age story that deals with the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster with an immaculately beautiful heroine. But gender roles in Japanese manga and anime are contradictory.


32 mins ago
Researchers tested how killfish respond to fasting at different ages. What they found could be transferable to humans.
32 mins ago
We look at how French papers are reacting to the terrorist attack in Paris over the weekend. Much of the focus is on the profile of the assailant, who was on France's terror watchlist and had already served a prison sentence for planning an attack.
32 mins ago
A non-binding referendum in Venezuela has shown overwhelming support for the government's claims to Essequibo, a large swathe of land controlled by neighbouring Guyana. The land dispute between the two countries is over a century old, but heated up back in 2015 with the discovery of oil fields off the coast of Essequibo.
2 hours ago
An expert on post-traumatic stress disorder has told FRANCE 24 how the effects of the Israel-Hamas war will be felt by those affected by it for years to come. Whether they are traumatised by the October 7 Hamas attacks, by the hostage situation or by the air strikes on Gaza, it can be very difficult for people to recover.
2 hours ago
Hebron is the richest and most populated city in the West Bank. Tensions between Israeli settlers and Palestinian locals have been on the rise there since the October 7 Hamas attacks and Israel's retaliatory air strikes on Gaza. Israeli soldiers multiply patrols in the Old City of Hebron to protect some 800 Israeli settlers who occupy houses around the Cave of the Patriarchs, a sacred shrine to both Jews and Muslims.
2 hours ago
Russia's Supreme Court has classified the LGBTQ+ "movement" as extremist, effectively banning any related activism. Critics say the opaque decision could mean widespread persecution.