Monday, 15th August 2022

political class

23 Jan 2021
Papers in Tunisia are struggling to make sense of the protests that have flared up just after the country marked the 10-year anniversary of its revolution. Papers agree that the country's politicians are to blame for focusing on political infighting rather than the concerns of the country. We also look at alarm over ongoing violence in Ethiopia's Tigray region and a #MeToo moment over incest in France. Plus, the inauguration may be tomorrow but Joe Biden's dogs have already been sworn-in in an online "indoguration" ceremony.


1 hour ago
FBI agents raided the former president's Florida estate earlier this week. According to court filings, they found a cache of classified documents.
1 hour ago
Conservationists in South Africa have sounded the alarm about 150 endangered vultures found dead in two separate poisoning incidents. Body parts were removed, seemingly with a view to selling them as bogus remedies.
2 hours ago
Presidents and ministers from global powers have been crisscrossing Africa over the past few weeks - we get some analysis on the geopolitical chess game taking place on the continent from Eric Olander, Editor-in-Chief of The China-Global South Project.
1 day ago
In Africa, greenhouse farming is proving a way of fighting food insecurity and high food prices caused by the Ukrainian war. In Cameroon, this agricultural technique — cultivating crops in an enclosed environment — is helping many families afford food.
1 day ago
Dubai's high desert dunes attract members of the all-women Grit Girls motorcross team as they brave the summer heat to practice their stunts ahead of the start of next season in September.
1 day ago
The Nairobi Expressway is a toll road connecting areas in and around the capital, including the international airport. Motorists are complaining about the high price of its tolls.