Tuesday, 9th August 2022
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6 Feb 2017
Anti-Buhari protest - heavy police presence at Gani Fawehinmi park
3 Feb 2017
Police have fired tear gas at people who were paying their respects to Etienne Tshisekedi - the Democratic Republic of Congo's late opposition leader.
3 Feb 2017
IGP Idris Seeks More Funding For Police
30 Jan 2017
A suspect in Sunday's mosque shooting in Quebec City that left six people dead has called police "to talk about his surrender," according to a senior police official.
29 Jan 2017
22 Jan 2017
20 Jan 2017
A large crowd of protesters clashed with law enforcement on the streets of Washington, DC while an inauguration party called the 'Deploraball' was underway.
20 Jan 2017
11 Jan 2017
5 Jan 2017
30 Dec 2016
29 Dec 2016
Australian police say they have seized $A360 million ($259 million) worth of cocaine in two major drug busts, bringing down a cocaine syndicate.


1 day ago
The number of registered voters aged 18-34 for Kenya's election on August 9 has fallen, despite population growth, with some saying promises made to them are not fulfilled.
1 day ago
Colombia's first leftist president, ex-guerrilla Gustavo Petro, is set to be inaugurated in Bogota. He aims to curb rampant inequality in the Latin American country.
1 day ago
The war in Ukraine has exposed Germany's overreliance on Russian gas, prompting a search for alternatives. Solar power is one and is already seeing a surge. Is the former solar powerhouse on the cusp of a new solar boom?
1 day ago
China has said military exercises around the contested island would continue. Several days of activity have disrupted shipping and air travel, with Taiwan saying the move amounts to a blockade.
1 day ago
Ryan Giggs arrives at Manchester Crown Court for the start of his trial after being accused of assault against two women.
1 day ago
Allyson Felix says recent U.S. abortion ban is "shocking"; hopes to help working mothers and athletes after her recent retirement from the track