Wednesday, 8th December 2021


1 May
In this edition, we tell you about an animal which is famous for its alien-like abilities. From regrowing damaged arms to changing its skin colour and texture, we dig into what makes the octopus such a mysterious invertebrate, analysing its sleeping patterns as well as its cognitive and social abilities.
29 Mar
Footage showing an octopus shifting in colour while asleep has been released by scientists in Brazil, who have published a new study saying the sophisticated cephalopods experience at least two different types of sleep. One of these states, which they dubbed "active sleep," is akin to rapid eye movement (REM) in mammals, birds and some reptiles -- raising the intriguing possibility that, like humans, octopuses experience dreams.
13 May 2019
'Killer octopus instincts'.


16 mins ago
For almost a decade, international forces in Mali have been trying to help fight Islamist groups that threatened to take over the country in 2012. But today, the government still only controls the capital and a small area around it. DW's Fred Muvunyi reports.
24 mins ago
Here are a few reasons to pick up a copy of The Guardian on Thursday⁣ ⁣
4 hours ago
The new German parliament has elected Olaf Scholz as chancellor as Angela Merkel departs after 16 years at the helm of Europe's largest economy. He is now scheduled to be sworn in, along with a new Cabinet.
4 hours ago
The two leaders talked via videolink amid a tense standoff over Ukraine. US officials said Russia would face severe sanctions if troops crossed the border into Ukranian territory.
4 hours ago
Brussels says the Belarusian government created the crisis by luring migrants with false promises. But some say Poland and the EU are ignoring human suffering.
6 hours ago
Africa's abundant sunshine is ideal for renewable energy production. But the continent relies heavily on crude oil. Experts warn that the economy will continue to suffer if governments don't wean themselves off of oil.