Wednesday, 8th February 2023

northern Iraq

12 Dec 2020
The Korek mountain, about 120 kilometres northeast (75 miles) of the Iraqi Kurdish capital Arbil, has become a hotspot for paragliding -- the newly-found sport of wind enthusiasts. The Arbil Aeroclub, founded in 2008, has more than 40 members, including trainers and solo jumpers -- among them, a growing number of women.
18 Nov 2020
This month marks five years since the northern Iraqi city of #Sinjar – home to the #Yazidi ethno-religious minority – was liberated from the Islamic State group, under which it suffered horrific persecution in 2014. Between June and September, more than 34,000 internally displaced persons returned to live in the region. In addition to the closure of #refugee camps and the desire to return home, the Covid-19 pandemic has also played a role. But the Yazidis are returning at a time of political tensions. Our correspondents Jack Hewson and Lucile Wassermann report.


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2 hours ago
Controversy surrounding the Adani Group's business practices, and the Indian government's close ties with the industrial giant, have sparked public protest and emboldened the BJP's opponents.
2 hours ago
Bullied, insulted, subtly shamed — people with a visible migration background report about their experiences with racism in Germany in a new book.
2 hours ago
More than 30 years after a fatwa was issued against Salman Rushdie, the author was brutally attacked in the US. But he completed his much-anticipated new novel, "Victory City," which is out now.
3 hours ago
We bring you a special programme on one of the worst natural disasters to hit the Middle East in decades. Thousands have been killed after two massive earthquakes struck south-eastern Turkey and northern Syria on Monday.
3 hours ago
US President Joe Biden pledged to continue rebuilding the economy and uniting the nation during a speech before a divided Congress. Republicans heckled the president, booing his remarks at points during the address.