Monday, 4th July 2022


23 Jan 2018
Propagate Content founder and co-CEO Howard Owens weigh in on the earnings and performance of Netflix.
22 Dec 2017
Will Smith hopes Netflix original movie Bright will give audiences the movie theatre buzz in their own homes.
4 Nov 2017
Netflix cuts ties with actor Kevin Spacey, who faces allegations of sexual misconduct, saying it won't be involved in any production of 'House of Cards' if he continues to appear in the show.
31 Oct 2017
Netflix has announced it will soon end its landmark 'House of Cards' series as star Kevin Spacey becomes the latest Hollywood personality embroiled in an alleged sexual misconduct scandal, this time involving a minor.
10 Aug 2017
Oscar-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen are transitioning to the small screen with a new Western anthology for Netflix.
9 Aug 2017
Ian Whittaker, head of European media research at Liberum Capital Ltd, examines the move by Walt Disney Co. to stop selling content to Netflix and begin its own streaming media services.
9 Aug 2017
Disney Chairman and CEO Robert Iger discusses the decision to stop selling movies to Netflix and begin offering ESPN sports programming and family films directly to consumers via two new streaming services.
6 Feb 2017
Legal challenges to Donald Trump's immigration order are intensifying. Netflix and Twitter are expected to file a brief in the coming hours, setting out their opposition to that immigration ban.


38 mins ago
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5 hours ago
The country's main opposition party has led protests against a proposal to integrate Bulgarian minority rights. Such a move would be necessary to continue EU accession talks.
5 hours ago
On February 24, the first day of Russia's war in Ukraine, Moscow's troops took over Chernobyl, the scene of the world's worst ever nuclear accident. Following a 35-day occupation, Ukraine regained control of the defunct plant but workers have had a hard time returning it to regular functioning. Employees were forced to rebuild IT systems from scratch after specialist equipment and software was ransacked by Russian soldiers. Chernobyl remains a highly volatile site, with hundreds of tonnes of radioactive material still sitting under a protective cover.
7 hours ago
The sanctions have badly hit Mali, with its economy already under severe strain from military coups and a decade-long jihadist insurgency.
7 hours ago
Is there a shift in how the US justice system deals with police shootings?
9 hours ago
A large chunk of glacier broke loose and slammed into hikers on the Marmolada mountain in the eastern Dolomites, rescue services said. At least six people have been killed.