Thursday, 27th January 2022


23 Apr 2021
National economic council may have finally put to rest allegations made by one of their own that the federal government printed 60 billion naira to shore up federal allocation for the month of march.
13 Jul 2019
NEC sets up Cttee to reconcile ECA, NNPC remittance.
6 Jul 2019
Insecurity NEC sets up security policing Cttee to proffer solutions.
30 Jun 2019
NEC kickstarts national security discuss after Buhari inaugurates council.
28 Mar 2018
APC NEC meeting - Buhari overturns tenure extension of APC, NEC.
13 Feb 2018
NEC meeting - Council resolves to intensify the implementation of ERGP.
21 Dec 2017
Nigerian governors to ratify $1bn approved by NEC to end the insurgency.
16 Dec 2017
Outburst over governors decision at NEC.
26 May 2017
NEC approves 2 Billion ecological funds for 19 states as compensation.


1 hour ago
Climate change threatens to drown cities like Bangkok and Berlin. Their water drainage systems are not up to the task. New approaches are desperately needed. Green roofs or 'sponge city' water management models offer solutions.
1 hour ago
New coronavirus infections remain high in Europe, with the omicron variant quickly becoming dominant. It's feared the numbers will climb even further as more testing is done following holiday travel and gatherings.
1 hour ago
A tweet claiming that Covid-19 vaccines were destroyed in Nigeria because of people power has been shown to be untrue. Vaccines were indeed trashed by the authorities, but this was due to low uptake as a result of vaccine hesitancy. We also take a look at a false claim that there are huge protests in Paris right now over pension reforms.
2 hours ago
For thousands of migrants, hitching a ride on a freight train is the fastest way to get to the USA. But this route is also one of the most perilous.
2 hours ago
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday he had no intention of resigning over a series of lockdown-breaking gatherings at his Downing Street office and residence, pledging to get on with the job. Johnson answered questions from MPs during a combative Prime Minister's Questions session ahead of the release of an official report into allegations of partying during lockdown that could threaten his future as prime minister.
2 hours ago
The Pharaohs played a goalless draw with the Elephants of Ivory Coast in Douala but went on to win after a penalty shoot-out. The seven-time champions are still on course to stretch their record.