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Minister of Public Enterprises

19 Apr 2019
South African minister of Public Enterprises, Praving Gordhan, tells of a 9 month ''winter plan'' that will carry South Africa through with electricity supply for the rest of the year. The troubled energy supplier Eskom, plans to strengthen the calibre of leadership in order to meet the required needs to execute a more efficient electricity supply to the country.
22 Feb 2019
South Africa Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan discusses South Africa’s government plan to bail out Eskom, the government’s back up plan if the unions don’t approve of the bailout, the possibility of a downgrade from Moody’s and if Eskom can meet requirements of turnaround plan.


1 day ago
The bid to remove Boluarte comes amid violent protests following the ousting of former president Pedro Castillo.
1 day ago
Germany says Ukraine will receive promised Leopard 2 tanks by early April. Russia has meanwhile sent more missiles as it continues its brutal and illegal invasion. DW has the latest.
1 day ago
Thousands turn out to opposition-organised protests in South Africa to express deepening frustration over the country's power crisis. Also, in a rare trial of a former president, ex-Mauritanian leader Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz appears in court on corruption charges.
1 day ago
With the demand for e-cars rising, Europe needs its own battery industry, and the ability to extract its own raw materials used to produce them. We visit one of Europe's largest nickel mines that's working to make the process more sustainable.
1 day ago
The movie "Joyland" failed to make the Oscar nominations for best international feature film. But the first Pakistani film to be selected for the Cannes Film Festival is still making headlines. It tells the story of a married man who falls in love with a transgender erotic dancer.
1 day ago
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