Thursday, 30th March 2023


18 Mar 2019
Nearly 1,000 people, mainly children, have died in Madagascar since October, as the impoverished nation struggles to contain its worst measles outbreak in decades amid a desperate shortage of vaccines.
8 Mar 2019
A month ago, giggles floated through the home of fisherman Dada as his four-year-old son played ball with his two little cousins on Madagascar's sunny beaches. Last week, the grey rain pattered quietly on their wooden roof as Dada and his two sisters sat inside, scoured by grief.
22 Dec 2018
Madagascar elections: Candidates say education is a priority.
22 Dec 2018
Polling stations in Madagascar have opened in a runoff presidential election that pits two former leaders — and rivals — against each other. Analysts have warned that the battle could revive instability in the country.
9 Jan 2018
Tropical Cyclone Ava passed through Madagascar over the weekend, killing at least 29 and displacing thousands more.
16 Jan 2017
The World Food Programme says close to a million people are facing starvation in southern Madagascar, as an ongoing drought causes harvests to fail, leaving whole villages dependent on food aid.


1 day ago
A review into Britain's largest police force has found "institutional racism, sexism and homophobia" and has called for "radical reform."
1 day ago
Albert Ho, a prominent pro-democracy figure in Hong Kong, has once again been arrested. He is already facing up to a decade in prison for other charges under the national security law.
1 day ago
Experts say the drop in oxygen levels in the water after the recent floods receded likely caused the mass death, as well as hot temperatures due to climate change.
1 day ago
The French government's decision to force through its pension reform has sparked angry demonstrations across the country, with many videos of chaos in Paris circulating online. However, as credible as they may seem, some of these videos have been taken out of context, as Emerald Maxwell explains.
1 day ago
On World Storytelling Day, we ask if this human art will be supplanted by articifial intelligence? Or do chatbots lack the human factor to recreate the drama and nuance of good storytelling?
1 day ago
European shares logged their steepest weekly drop in five months amid continued turbulence in the global banking sector. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz doesn't think Europe is heading for a new financial crisis.