Tuesday, 7th December 2021
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London School of Economics

20 Sep 2020
A summer heatwave in Siberia saw wildfires sweep through the region, pouring unprecedented levels of C02 into the atmosphere. With temperatures in the High Arctic rising three times faster than the rest of the world, just how concerned should we be? We speak to Thomas Smith, Assistant Professor in Environmental Geography at the London School of Economics.
10 Aug 2018
Peter Trubowitz, professor of international relations at London School of Economics, discusses how the Trump administration is using sanctions as a key foreign policy and diplomacy tool.
2 Jul 2018
London School of Economics Professor Christopher Pissarides discusses the split in Prime Minister Theresa May's government over Brexit while Burkhard Varnholt, global deputy chief investment officer at Credit Suisse, weighs the attractiveness of U.K. assets.
20 Feb 2018
The U.S. Commerce Department's recommendations for restricting steel and aluminum imports is "a crazy idea" according to Christopher Pissarides, a London School of Economics professor and Nobel laureate.


1 day ago
The EU and China have pledged to boost funding of green investment projects in ASEAN. But will these erstwhile partners, whose relations have soured over the past year, be able to work side by side?
1 day ago
German judoka Marie Dinkel was sexually abused by her coach when she was 13. Now 25, she speaks to DW about her experience, lack of trust and how she hopes to help others.
1 day ago
The situation along the border is growing increasingly unstable as fears of a Russian invasion mount. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Russia's foreign minister in an attempt to defuse the tension. Washington wants to limit Moscow's room for maneuver.
1 day ago
It was Europe's first coronavirus hot spot. Now, Italy already has one of the strictest anti-infection regimes in the world. And with case numbers rising again, the country is barring unvaccinated citizens from much of public life.
1 day ago
Citizen journalist Zhang Zhan is in a Chinese prison for reporting from Wuhan during the height of the city's coronavirus outbreak in 2020. Her family says she is on hunger strike and could be near death. All calls for her release have gone unheeded.
1 day ago
Disrespect for traffic rules causes many road accidents in Angola. In Bengo province, a group of young men have use whistles on the streets to alert drivers to traffic violations. It's a complicated job.