Friday, 27th January 2023

Joko Widodo

5 Oct 2019
In Indonesia, a bill that would have amongst other things imposed punishments on cohabiting non-married couples and people having sex outside of marriage has been put on ice by President Joko Widodo.
29 Jun 2019
The Indonesian top court has upheld President Joko Widodo's election victory, rejecting claims of voter fraud leveled by his opponent. The accusations sparked deadly riots in Jakarta after Widodo's victory in May.
21 May 2019
Indonesia's electoral officials rushed to declare incumbent president Joko Widodo the winner of the recent presidential poll amid fears of violence. Widodo's opponent Prabowo Subianto has claimed widespread cheating.
1 May 2019
Indonesia is planning to relocate its administrative capital as the gridlock in Jakarta worsens. President Joko Widodo has ordered a financing plan for a move which could cost as much as $33B.
18 Apr 2019
Unofficial results from the presidential polls place Indonesia's Joko Widodo well ahead of his rival, former-general Prabowo Subianto. However, Subianto declared victory and announced a rally in Jakarta.
4 Feb 2018
Indonesian President Joko Widodo has called for a quick and peaceful solution to one of the world's largest refugee crised unfolding Bangladesh and Myanmar. Widodo was speaking after a visit to refugee camps, where hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have been living in makeshift tents after fleeing a military crackdown in Myanmar.


2 hours ago
US Defense Secretary Austin has said Germany would continue to exercise leadership, despite Berlin not yet approving its Leopard 2 tanks for delivery to Ukraine.
2 hours ago
Father Victor Ntambwe is not content with just reciting psalms during mass on Sunday mornings in Congo's capital. With presidential elections just months away, he has more earthly concerns.
2 hours ago
Kurds living in Sweden are concerned over an agreement reached between the Swedish and Finnish governments and Turkey, which has threatened to block the two countries from joining NATO over their alleged harboring of Kurdish militants.
2 hours ago
The Paris Peace Accords 50 years ago began the withdrawal of US forces from Vietnam. DW looks at how Germany's support for Vietnam during the war was divided by east and west.
2 hours ago
Holocaust survivors and concentration camp memorial sites are taking to the video-based social media platform to raise awareness among young users.
2 hours ago
The pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party is facing possible court-ordered dissolution ahead of elections in May. The court has refused to postpone the decision until after the vote.