Wednesday, 5th October 2022


19 Aug 2018
Political parties can create instability, says Jega.
30 Jun 2018
Jega's blunt conversation with Not Too Young To Run movement.
3 Jun 2018
National Assembly members notorious for demanding bribe - Jega.
23 Feb 2018
Jega faults poll sequence re-ordering.
10 Feb 2018
African Politics - Jega scores democracy in Africa low.
26 Jan 2018
Jega warns on unemployed population.
8 Jul 2017
Jega backs youth involvement in politics.


1 day ago
Germany has thousands of mosques, most of them tucked away in backyards or industrial parks. On Open Mosque Day, they open their doors to the public.
1 day ago
Iran continues to be rocked by anti-government protests. Officials have urged security forces to respond harshly to anyone they say is endangering public order. State media reports that more than 40 protesters and police officers have been killed.
1 day ago
Police in South Africa are searching for suspects wanted for the killing of a German tourist who was shot dead while traveling to the world renowned Kruger game reserve.
1 day ago
We bring you reactions from the illustrated press to ongoing protests in Iran after the death of a woman in custody of the morality police.
1 day ago
Half of the coaches in the NSWL were either fired or resigned in 2021 following misconduct allegations. An independent investigation found that the league did little to address sexual harassment and other abuses.
1 day ago
Car bombings in central Somalia claimed the lives of scores of people, including senior regional officials. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack as the government ups its efforts against the terror group.