Thursday, 2nd February 2023


18 Jan 2022
Turkish rights activist Osman Kavala has been jailed for over four years for alleged involvement in the 2016 coup plot, although he has not been convicted of any crime. European rights bodies have demanded his release.
4 Apr 2021
Supporters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny have called for half a million Russians to take to the streets. Observers say that's a tall order.
17 Aug 2020
Kano State Police Command has again rescued another man of 35 years imprisoned by the parent for 15 years in Sheka Unguwar Fulani of Kumbotso Local Government Area of the state.
23 May 2020
After the brutal suppression of an uprising in the Angarsk prison east of Moscow, on 10 April, 2020, the families of more than 60 inmates are desperate for news of their imprisoned relatives. They want to know whether loved ones are dead or alive. Prison authorities have reported the death of one inmate “by hanging”, but said all the others were incarcerated in good conditions. For the worried wives and relatives, the fight to find out the truth continues.


6 hours ago
At the start of a trip to Democratic Republic of Congo, Pope Francis has said that Africa is not a "mine to be stripped" as he took aim at the "poison of greed" fueling conflicts on the continent.
6 hours ago
EXCLUSIVE: For the past decade, Wolfsburg have ruled women's football in Germany and this Bundesliga season is no different. Financial clout helps, but as star striker Ewa Pajor tells DW, success is in the club's DNA.
6 hours ago
We know a lot about how mummies were embalmed, but the specific substances and mixtures and how exactly they were used have long eluded us — until now.
8 hours ago
With his appointment, the 34-year-old Israeli musician adds another top-notch orchestra to his portfolio. Shani's predecessor, Valery Gergiev, was fired in 2022 after failing to condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
8 hours ago
In some species of anglerfish, including a very rare footballfish (Himantolophus melanolophus), the small male tracks down a female and bites on to her. When she releases her eggs, he fertilises them then swims off into the dark to search for another mate.
8 hours ago
The FBI search of the president's second home in Delaware has ended without classified documents being unearthed. Classified documents had previously been found in Biden's other home and a former office.