Friday, 19th August 2022

Hurricane Harvey

9 Sep 2017
Singer Janet Jackson visits survivors of Hurricane Harvey at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.
8 Sep 2017
Disruptions from Hurricane Harvey sent U.S. jobless claims soaring by 62,000 last week, the most since November 2012.
4 Sep 2017
Churches in several states held services for victims of Hurricane Harvey after President Trump declared Sunday a “National Day of Prayer”.
3 Sep 2017
U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visit Louisiana as relief efforts continue in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.
3 Sep 2017
Firefighters in Houston, Texas struggled to extinguish a house set ablaze in a community flooded by Hurricane Harvey.
2 Sep 2017
U.S. President Donald Trump expresses support for victims of Hurricane Harvey in his weekly address.
2 Sep 2017
U.S. President Donald Trump signed a proclamation on Friday, declaring that September 3 will be a national day of prayer for those affected by Hurricane Harvey, earning praise from faith leaders at the White House.
1 Sep 2017
The Trump administration will make a request to the U.S. Congress shortly for funds to help recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey.
30 Aug 2017
Volunteers rescue stranded flood victims of Hurricane Harvey.
28 Aug 2017
Bloomberg’s Kevin Cirilli discusses the Trump administration’s monitoring of events in Texas during Hurricane Harvey and what’s next on the for politics in Washington.
28 Aug 2017
Bloomberg's Taylor Riggs reports on the latest news of the hour on "Daybreak Americas."
27 Aug 2017
The U.S. Coast Guard says it rescued 15 people aboard vessels in distress during its response to Hurricane Harvey.


1 day ago
At least 26 people have died with several dozen injured amid separate forest fires raging across drought-hit northern Algeria. Most of the fatalities were near the border with Tunisia.
1 day ago
Sources suggest Moscow fears a brain drain if too many Jewish citizens leave Russia for Israel. The Justice Ministry seeks the closure of the Russian branch of the Jewish Agency for Israel, and a court will now decide.
1 day ago
Today, five years later, Patricia is not just the first and longest-standing cryptocurrency company, it has also ensured that hundreds of young people with a wide range of talents stay employed across five countries.
1 day ago
On August 24, Angolan political parties are looking at the tightest race they have ever run in an election. DW explains who's running, what the issues are and why the contest is so intense this time.
1 day ago
Coal is seeing a bit of a revival in Germany, with out-of-service power plants being placed back online as gas supplies from Russia fall. But bringing coal-fired plants back online is easier said than done.
1 day ago
As German cities heat up, the federal government has announced plans to increase the number of public drinking fountains to help ease the impact of the changing climate. The plan also has other environmental benefits.