Sunday, 3rd July 2022

horrors of war

17 Apr
Photographer Alexander Glyadyelov has covered conflicts all over the world. But now the battlefield is his own country, Ukraine, and the frontline his home city of Kyiv. The award-winning photographer speaks to us from the Ukrainian capital about documenting the consequences of the Russian invasion, including harrowing scenes involving civilian casualties. We also take a look at an exhibition at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre of Paris, which is showcasing the work of photographers on the ground, whether it's the view from their makeshift bomb shelters or the scenes of destruction in towns across the country.


39 mins ago
Top German diplomat Annalena Baerbock said that the EU had to follow through with its promises to countries like Albania and North Macedonia, or else Russia and China would move to draw them away from the bloc.
40 mins ago
After years of discussion and agitation, Germany has agreed to return looted African colonial artefacts, including over 1,000 Benin Bronzes that will be repatriated to Nigeria.
1 day ago
Ethopian entrepreneur Kidist Tesfaye challenges pollution by producing ecofriendly bags out of paper and fabrics.
1 day ago
Russian lawmakers passed a law expanding the definition of "foreign agents," a tool used to crack down on Kremlin critics and impose new restrictions.
1 day ago
JK Rowling has been defended by Warner Bros after a question about her was blocked at a ‘Harry Potter’ event.
1 day ago
Small business owners in South Africa's Soweto say power outages - some of the worst to hit South Africa - have forced them to cut hours and staff.