Friday, 2nd December 2022

‘Gruyère gate

30 Jan
What makes gruyère unique? The mild, smooth and nutty cheese is a staple in Switzerland and France. Like many beloved cheeses, it’s highly protected. In France and Switzerland, to be able to call their cheese "gruyère", producers have to follow strict production rules. French and Swiss gruyère makers had hoped to extend this exclusive right to the name to the US market. But in a major blow, a federal judge ruled that gruyère is generic and can be produced anywhere. French and Swiss producers have vowed to appeal the decision that sets a precedent in a much larger ongoing battle between the US and Europe over food labelling.


5 hours ago
Janusz Walus was due to be released on parole after serving nearly 30 years in prison for killing anti-apartheid leader Chris Hani. News of his expected release caused wide controversy.
5 hours ago
The leaders of Germany and Norway have said they will propose that NATO plays a role in protecting undersea infrastructure like gas pipelines or fiber optic cables. This follows the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines.
6 hours ago
Content creator Ben Black is trying to see all 64 games at the World Cup – the first time anyone has attempted such a feat.
7 hours ago
Bangladesh's ruling Awami League has a firm grip on the country's politics, and experts say electoral reform is needed to break the one-party monopoly.
7 hours ago
The German government has adopted an action plan against antisemitism that is being described as a milestone. But much depends on its implementation, with antisemitic hate speech on the rise.
7 hours ago
India's central bank hopes a digital rupee will facilitate cheaper and easier financial transactions, as well as protect people from the volatility of private cryptocurrencies.