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24 Feb 2018
Nelly Agbogu is the brain behind the NELLIES healthy food and snack company in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. Nelly isn’t your average business owner who dreamt of entrepreneurship from an early age like most CEO’s would tell you.
8 Feb 2018
More than 50 French chefs met for a ceremony near Paris on Monday to receive their coveted Michelin stars.
5 Nov 2017
Part of Malaysia's Penange flooded, aerial footage shows.
29 Oct 2017
Youth protest against donation of food by Senator Melaye.
16 Jun 2017
Nigeria to earn $20Bn - $30Bn annually from food export.
3 Jun 2017
Nigerian customs displays banned food, petroleum products.
10 May 2017
Nigeria's vice-president Yemi Osinbajo says the country targets self-sufficiency in rice production by the end of 2018, saving scarce foreign exchange spent on importing the staple food.
29 Mar 2017
Local food processing - Expert wants the government to brace up on standards.
17 Mar 2017
Weary Venezuelans wait in long lines to buy food at local supply and production committees (CLAP) in the capital of the crisis-hit country. Venezuela's economic plight is largely due to falling prices for its oil exports, contributing to food shortages and economic disarray.
5 Feb 2017
Northeast food shortage - FG rules out famine, says prediction is false
2 Feb 2017
Federal Executive Council Meeting - FG Sets Up Committee To Tackle High Food Price.
15 Aug 2016
Your Life, Your Money is a personal finance series for African youth produced by Guardian TV. The first series will educate audiences on methods and practices essential for living a richer financial life.


1 day ago
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1 day ago
Pope Francis heads Friday (September 22) to Marseille for a two-day visit focused on the Mediterranean and migration, and bringing a message of tolerance amid bitter debate over how Europe manages asylum seekers.
1 day ago
Aid agencies in Libya said local authorities and charities are struggling with the scale of the disaster. Survivors are now at risk from the spread of diseases such as cholera.
1 day ago
For one group, at least, the erection of the Berlin Wall on August 13, 1961 was a stroke of luck. Over the following decades, the Wall would be the lifeblood of the East German secret police, known as the Stasi.
1 day ago
Often the only way to identify the dead after natural disasters, like Libya's floods or Hawaii's wildfire, is with DNA, fingerprints and dental records.
1 day ago
Polish consulates reportedly handed out visas to migrants from Asia and Africa in exchange for thousands of dollars. The allegations could hurt Poland's anti-migration ruling party in upcoming elections.