Saturday, 2nd December 2023

fact check

22 Oct
Israeli and Palestinian officials are blaming each other for Tuesday evening's strike on a Gaza hospital. Social media is filled with speculation about who was behind the blast, but little hard evidence is available.
21 Oct
As Israel prepares for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, a video claiming that Egypt has entered the war to defend Palestinians has gone viral on social media.
9 Oct
Creativity. Emotions. Artificial intelligence is pushing further and further into primal human domains. The existential question arises: What actually makes us what we are, when the uniqueness of the human being is challenged?
24 Sep
German aid organizations allegedly demanded that money be spent on sick German children instead of tank deliveries to Ukraine. But the whole story is made up, and the video explaining it is a spoof.
17 Sep
Did strange flying objects or a mysterious laser weapon trigger the devastating earthquake in Morocco? This absurd theory is circulating through social networks — and is, of course, wrong.
10 Aug
After the military coup in Niger, the internet was flooded with videos and reports about the situation on the ground. DW's fact-checking team followed up on some of the most viral claims.
26 Apr
In Monday’s meeting of the United Nations Security Council, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov repeated accusations against the US, NATO and Ukraine.
15 Apr
It's an urban planning concept aimed at reducing emissions and travel distances. But some fear it will limit movement, lead to lockdowns or increase surveillance.


41 mins ago
In this edition of arts24's weekly music show, Jennifer Ben Brahim is joined by French singer-songwriter Edouard Bielle. His look and sound takes us back to the 1970s, inspired by Christophe and Etienne Daho. He's just dropped his debut EP "Loverdose", a record that delves into the addictive nature of love.
42 mins ago
Irish writer Paul Lynch won the 2023 Booker Prize on Sunday for his novel “Prophet Song,” the story of a family and a country on the brink of catastrophe as an imaginary Irish government veers towards tyranny.
42 mins ago
Germany's ruling coalition has agreed on a supplementary budget to lift a self-imposed cap on borrowing for longer than planned. Berlin is faced with a spending commitment headache after a key legal ruling.
1 hour ago
From Ridley Scott's epic about Napoleon to a film on the woman who brought the music of the tiny Cape Verde islands to a worldwide audience, join us for our film show with critic Lisa Nesselson and Ana Sofia Fonseca, the filmmaker behind the documentary "Césaria Evora — The Barefoot Diva".
1 hour ago
Italy is one of the main countries of arrival in Europe for thousands of minors crossing the Mediterranean on their own. Since the beginning of her mandate as prime minister, far-right leader Giorgia Meloni has prioritised the fight against illegal immigration. This fall, the Italian executive approved a decree targeting unaccompanied minor migrants.
1 hour ago
New EU rules set for 2024 call for banning agricultural products from deforested land, which Southeast Asian producers say will subject small farmers to impossible bureaucratic demands.