Sunday, 16th January 2022


17 Mar 2018
Alleged kidnapping - Evans trial continues in Lagos over abduction charges.
10 Oct 2017
Nigeria's notorious kidnap suspect, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, alias 'Evans', was plotting his escape from prison until it was foiled.
6 Sep 2017
Court to rule on Evans application on September 21.
30 Aug 2017
Suspected kidnapper Evans, two others plead guilty to the kidnapping charge.
16 Aug 2017
Court to rule Aug. 16 on whether to hear 'Evans' application.
29 Jun 2017
Evans sues IGP, others over his detention.
26 Jun 2017
A soldier who allegedly works for Evans arrested in Lagos.
25 Jun 2017
Evans arrest - I haven’t had any contact with Evans in years – father.
19 Jun 2017
Evans leads police to detention camps in Lagos.
15 Jun 2017
Full Interview - Notorious kidnap kingpin 'Evans' shares details of his operation
12 Jun 2017
Police nab notorious kidnapper 'Evans', expose lavish lifestyle.


2 hours ago
Former Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, who led the country until he was ousted in a 2020 coup, has died at the age of 76.
2 hours ago
The Serbian tennis star has left Australia on a flight to Dubai after a court upheld a visa cancelation. Authorities said that his decision not to be vaccinated against coronavirus posed a risk to the Australian public.
2 hours ago
Richard Leakey, a world-renowned Kenyan conservationist and fossil hunter has died aged 77. His groundbreaking work contributed to the recognition of Africa as the birthplace of humankind. He also spearheaded campaigns to stop poaching in Kenya, famously burning the country's stockpile of poached ivory.
3 hours ago
With a 3-1 victory over Sudan, Nigeria's Super Eagles secure their slot in the knockout stages and gain status as a tournament frontrunner. Favorites Egypt meanwhile gets their first win thanks to star striker Mohamed Salah and after a goal from Guinea-Bissau was disallowed after VAR review. Alison Sargent is joined by France 24's James Vasina and African journalist Usher Komugisha to discuss all the action.
5 hours ago
Brown hyenas are valuable, social animals. But they are being hunted relentlessly. Now, there are more and more protected zones and wildlife reserves where they can live in safety.
6 hours ago
As delicate diplomatic discussions over Iran's nuclear program restarted in Vienna, DW spoke to ordinary people in Tehran about living with the consequences of economic sanctions.