Wednesday, 31st May 2023


26 Jan 2019
Amid widespread protests, the Greek parliament has ratified a deal that would allow Macedonia to pursue EU membership. Many Greeks are still angry, saying the deal paves the way for Macedonia to claim Greek territory.
16 Jan 2019
After UK lawmakers rejected Theresa May's Brexit deal, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that "the time for playing games is now over" and a solution was needed. Other EU leaders also demanded clarity from London.
5 Jan 2019
Populist anti-immigration parties have gained strength in many European countries following a massive influx of migration into the EU. The bloc's border agency says illegal arrivals in 2018 fell to around 150,000 people.
26 Dec 2018
A plan to ban single-use plastic products such as disposable plates and straws has been agreed. EU member states and the EU parliament still have to give the provisional agreement the go-ahead.
23 Dec 2018
Sensitive communications between EU diplomats were accessed by hackers for years, a US media report has claimed. The cables reveal a worried EU trying to find a way to deal with Trump, China and Russia.
30 Nov 2018
INEC, EU train political parties on campaign finance reporting standards.
26 Nov 2018
Theresa May is ready to stake her political future after her Brexit draft was formally approved by EU leaders. She'll now be launching a drive to win support for the agreement ahead of a key vote in parliament.
15 Oct 2018
More than three million people have fled Venezuela as the country's economic and political crisis deepens. Most head for Columbia and Brazil but for those who make it to the EU, Spain is the top destination.
13 Sep 2018
The European Parliament is debating whether to punish Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for allegedly undercutting democracy, a motion that could cost Hungary its EU voting rights. Orbán is accused of persistently breaching core EU values.
21 Aug 2018
President Trump is said to be accusing China and the EU of manipulating their currencies.
24 Jul 2018
Some European embassies have been violating the European Union law by collecting fees on Visa processes that should be free. The EU law stipulates that students who apply for the purpose of study should have their visa fees waived.
1 Jul 2018
Through sweat and toil, EU member states reached an agreement on migration. But the rules laid out aren't strict enough for German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who wants to close off Bavaria's border.


43 mins ago
People in rich countries can lead clean lives quicker if governments make it easy for them to ditch dirty habits.
43 mins ago
Clashes have erupted between protesters and police in southwest China over plans to raze parts of a mosque. The authorities are now asking the demonstrators to turn themselves in.
2 hours ago
Al Pacino, 82, is to become a father for the fourth time because his 29-year-old girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, is eight months pregnant.
2 hours ago
Authorities in Kenya say around 6,000 children go missing every year which translates to 18 children disapperaing each day. Parents of the missing young ones are helpless not knowing when their children will return.
2 hours ago
In South Africa, behind a glittering facade of lavish churches and charismatic preachers, many false prophets prey upon the vulnerable and desperate. Church leaders are wanted there for sexual assault and corruption, among other sins.
2 hours ago
Germany says it has told Russia to close four out of five consulates in Germany. The retaliatory move comes after Moscow set a limit to the number of German embassy staff and related bodies.